Fuel Oil Treatment

The power generation industry often uses diesel engines that burn heavy fuel oil, crude oil or diesel oil. By supplying separation systems specifically designed for continuous operation under the roughest conditions, GEA provides for optimum power output and a long service life for these engines while taking into consideration the high environmental standards.

Maximum separation efficiency

Self-cleaning separators with GEA unitrol systems automatically monitor the water level in the oil and the separation of the solid material "round the clock". As a result, optimum separation efficiency for different fuel and lube oils is ensured.

Like clockwork

Treatment systems with GEA separators put a stop to these undesired consequences: solid foreign substances such as sand, rust and cat fines are as reliably separated as free water, consequently ruling out encrustation and burning together of important parts of the engine. The service life of cylinders, pistons, nozzles and feed pumps is considerably increased. Against this background, even lower-grade oils can be used as a fuel without any concerns.