Meat preparation

Whether you need an automated meat preparation line, or a single machine that offers flexibility and versatility, GEA has the technology to help you.

Automated meat preparation

GEA offers fully automated production lines for meat preparation, ensuring consistent quality products and minimizing labor costs. Using buffering and belt transport equipment to distribute emulsion, premix or ground meat, eliminates the need for manual handling and storing. 

Heavy-duty pre-crushing of frozen meat

Efficient pet food processing begins with crushing of frozen raw materials. The GEA BlockCrusher is fast, versatile and available in different sizes to break individual or multiple blocks, or complete pallet loads. Materials enter the machine via a conveyor belt or a lifting device. A clawed rotating shaft breaks the frozen material against a bridge of fixed claws, producing fist-sized pieces ready for high-capacity grinding.

Powerful coarse and fine grinding

The GEA PowerGrind represents a new generation GEA grinders with improved capacity, hygiene and safety performance. These aspects are combined with high flexibility, robustness, and modularity, making the GEA PowerGrind a reference in its class.

Handling systems

When it comes to turning individual machines into an integrated line, while also making the most efficient use of your available production space, handling equipment such as conveyors, loaders and silos play crucial roles. Equally important is the expertise behind the handling and transport system.

Tempered mixing of meat and ingredients

The way in which the product is mixed is critical to the success of the process downstream. Through many years of developing mixing technology GEA has perfected the process in the GEA ProMix.

Pumping of high protein mixes

The heavy-duty double-chamber GEA VanePump has a breaker screw infeed that enables pumping and transport without pre-breaking, even with frozen blocks and bones. The pump is also ideal for pump-grinder and deboner infeed, and gives high-pressure, pulsation free performance with all kinds of raw materials for pet food preparation.


The GEA EcoCut 225 is an efficient emulsifier for coarse and fine emulsions for pâté, heatset chunks, slurries for extruded dry pellets and similar products. Its automatic knife-tensioning system ensures outstanding lifetimes for wear parts. Highly flexible, it is suitable for large bulk series as well as smaller just-in-time batches. 

Gravy/gel systems

The GEA ScanGravy is an advanced mixing system with accurate temperature and cooling control. It continuously stirs the gravy or gel during storage to keep the mix sediment free. Based on modular units, you can expand capability by adding storage tanks, exchanging pumps and mixing venturi to accommodate different viscosity mixes.

Cutting, mixing and emulsifying in one machine

GEA Food Processing has been setting the standards for bowl choppers in the meat processing industry. The GEA CutMaster has become the reference in the industry.

The GEA CutMaster cuts, mixes and emulsifies all different kind of meat products from coarse to very fine. Optionally, products can be cooled or cooked. All processes take place within the GEA CutMaster and are, therefore, independent from peripheral equipment.

  • Flexibility to handle many different types of products 
  • High productivity and reliability
  • Excellent product quality
  • Exceptionally fast TopCut VSH knife head system
  • Running under vacuum for denser emulsions without air inclusions
  • Very high filling level (up to 95%), fast loading and unloading