Fat analyzing system

GEA MultiTrack

Fat analyzing system

GEA MultiTrack

GEA MultiTrack Twin

In-line analyzer for fat, protein and moisture content, for GEA ProMix, GEA UniMix, GEA ScrewLoader 400 and larger screw conveyors, uses precision near-infrared technology for immediate results, continuous process.

GEA MultiTrack working principle

Working principle

The GEA MultiTrack is based on NIR transmission technology. The sampling device automatically and continuously extracts random samples during the process, ensuring the results are representative of the entire batch - another advantage over the hand-picked ample method. Near-infrared light is emitted by a lamp and passed through the meat in the detector unit. Non-absorbed light is measured by a detector and the data is by a software algorithm converted into the actual fat, moisture and protein content.

  • NIR transmission technology
  • Representative sampling 
  • Independent prediction of fat, moisture and protein


The GEA MultiTrack is a precision in-line fat analyzer with an accuracy of 1 % for fat. Measuring is continuously performed in the process, either in a mixer, screw conveyor or pipeline. The results can be used for batch quality control documentation as well as for standardization of a batch to a certain fat target. The system is supplied with calibration for fresh or frozen pork and beef with a fat content from 4% to 65%. Other calibrations with fat range up to 85% are available as options. Conventional off-line analysis systems take representative samples that need to be prepared prior to analysis. Even with fast off-line analysis systems, this approach means the machines are non-productive for up to 15 minutes while waiting for results. With the GEA MultiTrack on-line continuous fat analysis, the results for fat, moisture and protein are available the moment production stops, minimizing delays. Based on these results, an integrated standardization module calculates the amount of fat or lean needed to reach the required target.

  • Precise measurement of fat, moisture and protein
  • Standardization calculator
  • Reduced lean give-away
  • Increased line capacity
  • Several calibrations available as option


The GEA MultiTrack can be mounted on the following machines, new as well as existing: 

  • All GEA mixers 
  • GEA ScrewLoader 400 or bigger screw conveyors 
  • Mounting options
  • Fits on ProMix, UniMix, and ScrewLoader  

Return on investment

Lean give-away can be reduced by up to 3 % due to the fact that MultiTrack is analysing each and every batch instead of just manual spot samples, and because the fat target value can be moved closer to the declaration limit. MultiTrack is giving the fat result and amount of correction material immediately after the filling process is finished, which means that capacity can be improved by up to 20 % due to no waiting time for manual sampling, sample preparation and off-line analysis. Return of investment can be less that 0.5 year.

  • Lean give-away reduced by up to 3 %
  • Capacity improvement up to 20 %
  • Payback time < 0.5 year


The GEA MultiTrack is designed for easy handling and sanitation with either fixed or hinged detector unit. The feed system is pumping the meat through the detector unit after which the meat is returned by a 3” pipe with inspection glass and a manual 3-way valve for easy sample extraction. An accessory trolley for easy storage and cleaning of parts is included.

  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Hygenic design and easy to sanitize
  • Easy sample extraction


The GEA MultiTrack fully complies with CE regulations.

  • CE approval

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