Palletizers & Depalletizers

Depalletizer Velox

Velox is a medium and high-speed depalletizer with product discharge from the top and benefiting from extremely accurate position control.

Depalletizer Velox discharges product from the top and features a vertical lift pallet unloading system designed for medium to high speed. The main operations (i.e. pallet lift, pallet transfer, etc.) are controlled through encoders: this gives extremely accurate positioning during operation.

The pallet lift structure is made from four painted carbon steel columns inside which slide the 1” lifting chains. The pallet lift forks are fixed onto the chains by adjustable link units. Product layers are shifted onto the transfer table by a trolley type pushing unit driven by polyurethane toothed belts. The unit is complete with pneumatically tilting rear bar, to increase the machine production speed. The motor-gear reducer drive unit is controlled through an inverter to avoid any damage during impact with the product.

Different layer-pad removal devices are available: an integrated system with the layer pushing device perpendicular to the pallet or combined with tray/top-frame removal device.

Velox uses belt transmission where possible to reduce noise and eliminate the need for lubrication. The design allows the system to be configured simply as required and gives open access to all parts of the machine for easy set up and maintenance.

Production capacity: up to 6 layers/min

The medium and high-speed palletizer Velox

The medium and high-speed palletizer Velox

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