ConsiGma® Direct Compression with Linear Blending (DC-LB) Lines

A highly integrated solution for continuous linear blending and direct compression, the ConsiGma® DC-LB lines offer all the advantages of continuous manufacturing: supply chain agility, small footprint, controlled blending and compression and improved quality.

Pharma Technology Compression

Continuous Direct Compression

ConsiGma® DC-LB Lines integrate continuous dry blending using linear blenders and tablet compression into one efficient continuous production system.

Available in 2 standard sizes, depending on the desired throughput (from 1 to 100 kg/h or 20,000 to 150,000 tablets/h to be verified by testing), the systems can be customized with a number of options to suit customer needs.

The Conductor 4.0 software ensures seamless control of the entire process and provides full reporting and track & trace.

Mainly targeted towards high-value products (low dose API), orphan drugs and new chemical entities, and particularly suited for challenging recipes that require two-stage blending or more dispersive blending, the systems can be equipped with cleaning and containment features to handle highly potent formulations.

Standard Configuration

  • Up to 6 loss-in-weight feeders with automatic top-up systems

  • 2 linear blenders

  • GEA compression system

Available Options

  • PAT tools

  • Hot swap parts for fast changeover

  • Material handling system including containment features

  • Containment upgrade

  • Coater

Main Benefits

  • Reduced risk of segregation – no material hold-ups

  • Highest possible blend homogeneity – all powder particles go through the same mixing event

  • Higher material yield

  • High flexibility from very low to very high API content

  • In process blend uniformity control – second-by-second

  • Adaption to variable throughput capacities

  • No hold-up issues

  • Wider drug load range than batch processing

  • System automatically adapts to changes in bulk density

  • Adaptable top-up sizes to ensure accurate feeding

  • Automatically adjustable dwell time

  • Flexible batch size

  • Smaller footprint

Read more about how GEA and its partners are implementing this technology to lead the way toward smaller, more flexible, continuous processing technologies that are transforming the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.


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