Gas compression

Gas compression expertise for oil, gas and power applications

Compression technologies are at the heart of many critical processes in the oil, gas and power industries, and throughout the value chain. Choosing the right solution provider is critical for demanding customers who are focused on the performance of their plant and driven by optimal solutions.

Vijftraps centrifugaalcompressorpakket

GEA’s compression team brings experience of integrating various factors of project execution, from gas compression systems to gas treatment, OPEX and CAPEX considerations, and support for site activities, within demanding timeframes if necessary. The reliability and sophistication of GEA’s compressor systems, in terms of energy efficiency and flow rates, has enabled more than 70 customers across four continents to effectively manage their operating costs and environmental impact, thus delivering value to stakeholders.

Compressor flexibility

In order to most effectively customize the solutions required by our customers, GEA’s expertise spans the use of multiple compressor types:


  • Suitable for turbines < 20MW 
  • Oil injected with enhanced oil separation  
  • Pressure ratio minimum 1.5 / maximum 22 


  • Suitable for turbines 20 - 60MW 
  • Horizontally opposed 
  • Both oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating available 


  • Suitable for turbines 60MW+ 
  • Integrally geared 
  • Discharge pressure up to 80 bar 

Unique solutions

Schroefcompressorpakket met olie-injectie

GEA’s experts combine purpose and innovation to deliver efficient solutions, including the use of variable-speed and flow/power adjustment methods to manage varying inlet conditions supplied by the utility provider, while at the same time creating potential OPEX savings.



  • Fuel boosters for gas turbine and engine
  • Gas treatment
  • Chiller unit packages and gas-turbine air inlet cooling systems 

Oil and Gas: 

  • Refinery tail / off gas compression
  • Well gas compression
  • Compression for gas injection 
  • Compression for pipeline transmission 
  • Natural gas compression
  • Flare gas compression/recovery
  • Sour gas handling
  • Gas re-liquefaction
  • Gas gathering

Producten & technologieën

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