GEA EcoCut CAP-2


The GEA EcoCut CAP2 continuously produces sausage emulsions ranging from extremely fine to coarse. It has the flexibility to produce smaller batches. The throughput and cutting speed are easily set to accommodate a wide range of emulsion types. It features automated knife adjustment (AKA) allowing emulsion stability and temperature increase to be carefully controlled. This ensures constant end product quality and stability, regardless of variations in raw material or surrounding conditions. The automated knife adjustment system further reduces running costs to a minimum. Particles of bone, gristle and other impurities can potentially block the product flow through a hole-plate. Such particles are removed from the product by the GEA EcoBes sorting device - at the same time improving the end product quality as a result of the bone and gristle removal. An integrated part of the machine is the TemBiVac vacuumizing unit for controlling air inclusions, appearance and consistency. The product is fed to the cutting set and TemBiVac by an integrated pump with hopper having a volume of 600 l.

GEA EcoCut CAP-2

Working principle

The GEA EcoCut CAP2 is a heavy-duty industrial emulsifier for the broadest possible product range. Double or triple knife set configuration for extremely fine or coarsely ground emulsions. The TemBiVac vacuumizing unit makes up for the lower degree of emulsification in the knife set when producing coarse ground products. An integrated pump, with hopper for buffering, feeds the product to the cutting set.

  • Double or triple knife set
  • Integrated pump unit with hopper
  • TemBiVac unit 


The cutting set of the GEA EcoCut CAP2 finely comminutes and emulsifies sausage pre-blends. Forced and controlled feeding by a pump provides an emulsifying system capable of handling a very broad range of products, irrespective of product viscosity. Furthermore, it is very little sensitive to any temperature or viscosity variation in the raw materials. Adjustment of the pump speed, and thereby the throughput speed, is a very simple and effective way to achieve finer or coarser product structure and to control the temperature increase.

  • Constant product structure and temperature increase
  • Accurate control over emulsion quality, fineness and temperature
  • Extremely versatile 

Output quality

The automated knife adjustment ensures a clean cut from start to finish. Furthermore, it prevents metal contamination of the product.The integrated hard particle removal system (EcoBes) leads to improved end-product quality. A knife on the outlet side of the last hole-plate ensures that no larger particles can escape the cutting set. The TemBiVac, with a unique rotor/stator principle, enhances the emulsion stability - especially in case of extended recipes, coarse ground products and/or when a high amount of frozen raw materials is used.

  • Clean cut
  • No metal contamination
  • EcoBes
  • Outlet knife
  • TemBiVac


A double knife set is recommended for coarser emulsions and the triple knife set for fine emulsions. A cassette is assembled and adjusted prior to fitting to the machine, so cutting sets can be rapidly changed. 

  • Cassette mounted double- and triple-knife sets for fast changeover 
  • Double or triple knife set.


All mechanical, electric and electronic components are well dimensioned and efficiently sealed. The GEA EcoCut CAP2 features and automatic centrally placed lubrication system. 

  • Automatic central lubrication system 


Designed for easy handling and sanitation. The cutting set is positioned in an ergonomically good and user-friendly height, fully separated sealed zones, smooth surfaces and CE/USDA approval.

  • Easy handling and sanitation
  • Ergonomically good and user-friendly height
  • Fully separated sealed zones
  • CE/USDA approval


Multiple features like trip bar and locked safety cover are included to ensure safe machine operations.

  • Trip bar
  • Locked safety cover