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GEA Bakery designs, configures and installs high-capacity, customizable and complete production lines for crackers. From ingredient mixing to the baking phase, GEA technologies cover the entire crackers prduction process to ensure that the final product has the perfect structure, taste and crunchiness.

As a leading manufacturer of tailor-made solutions for crackers production, GEA Bakery offers high-quality equipment for the production of a wide range of cracker types. Our expertise in technology ensures flexibility, structure, texture, and taste while covering every production capacity in the crackers industry.
Achieve Top Product Quality with GEA Technology Expertise

GEA technology expertise allows us to develop bakery equipment that ensures the quality and consistency of the final product, with production capacities ranging from 500 to 200 kg/h. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of cracker manufacturers, with a variety of shapes and textures for cracker products.


Classic Crackers

squared crackers

Squared Crackers

rectangular crackers

Rectangular Crackers

rounded crackers

Rounded Crackers

seeds crackers

Seeds Crackers


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Mixing and Dough Feeding system

Our carefully designed mixing and Dough Feeding systems ensure consistent quality and repeatable downstream processing. Each system can be configured to handle different dough textures and match available space and plant layout. GEA's technologies can include ground-level tub-lifting, tilting systems, or pocket rollers for direct portioning of the dough.

dough feeding
Sheeting and Forming: the heart of the processing line

GEA Bakery sheeting lines guarantee consistent, uniform, and stress-free sheeting that leads to perfectly baked crackers. Our baking technologies can handle different viscosities of dough, high volumes, and high precision in molding. With modular forming units, our lines can be tailored to meet any processing or production requirement, from versatile cut and sheet lamination systems to rotary systems for embossing and cutting.

Baking: Flexible and environmentally friendly oven systems.

GEA tunnel ovens can be equipped with direct gas fired systems, or with direct or indirect convections. Hybrid ovens play a fundamental role in the baking process: they allow to choose different types of heating systems that ensure great flexibility of the process. Different baking profiles can be easily processed in the same ovens, where several windows are placed for direct inspections fo the product during each stage of baking.

Moreover, GEA Bakery recognizes that efficiency and speed are crucial factors in the current bakery industry landscape. To support customers in streamlining their production processes and minimizing downtime, we offer preassembled module solutions with the GEA Bakery Plug&Play ovens. This approach helps to overcome complexities during installation and ensures that your bakery equipment is up and running in the shortest possible time.

Flexible, customizable and high-precision systems

Flexibility is key to meeting market trends that are subject to continuous changes in tastes. GEA offers customizable and high-precision baking machinery that ensures control of the final product, reduced checking effects, improved crunchiness, texture, and uniformity.

Our modular forming units can be configured to match your baking plant's layout while maintaining high-quality materials and adhering to reliability, hygiene, speed, and product handling control standards.

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