Snacks et céréales pour le petit-déjeuner

Façonner votre journée du petit-déjeuner au dîner

Snacks et céréales pour le petit-déjeuner
Les produits extrudés peuvent couvrir la plupart de nos repas au cours de la journée, en satisfaisant tous les besoins sur le triple plan de la forme, de la couleur et des nutriments. La technologie que GEA a acquise en rachetant Pavan permet de produire des produits extrudés de tous types pour suivre les tendances du marché et les besoins de la clientèle.
Cutting-edge snack and breakfast technology solutions from GEA

GEA offers a comprehensive range of machinery tailored for the production of breakfast cereals, snacks pellets, direct expanded snacks and noodles, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences and customers needs. From staple breakfast options like corn flakes and choco balls to popular snacks such as potato chips and 3D chips, GEA's advanced technology ensures precise shaping and consistent quality.

With snack pellet technology enabling the use of various raw materials, including cereal flours, root starches, and precooked ingredients like potato flakes, GEA empowers manufacturers to create innovative formulations with unique characteristics such as high fiber content or multigrain compositions.

Flexible extrusion technologies for diverse culinary habits

The diversity of culinary habits around the world requires snack technologies to be highly flexible and capable of adapting to various organoleptic characteristics. Thanks to the flexibility of its range of extruders, GEA extrusion technologies can be used to process both raw materials that require pre-cooking (such as potato-based products) and those that require cooking.

The processing of the former occurs through cold extrusion, while the latter, after being processed in the first step with a cooking extrusion, then move on to the forming phase, where specific dies and inserts resistant to high temperatures give the desired shape to the hot dough before drying.

An illustrated image of Cinderella's slippers and other snacks from around the world

Discover the capabilities of GEA’s R&D department with Cinderella’s Slipper

In the snack industry, technology forms the backbone of manufacturing operations, enabling greater efficiency, hygiene, accuracy and scalability. However, it is its fusion with creativity and consumer insight that turns innovations into market successes. By combining technological prowess with creative flair, brands can create offerings that captivate consumers and drive sustained growth.

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