Preparation Equipment

GEA’s grinding, mixing and bowl cutting machines prepare meat, poultry, fish and meat substitutes for further processing. Efficient treatment of these raw materials optimizes product quality and increases operational efficiency. The result: maximum value from the production line. GEA has broad experience in a wide range of applications. These include: emulsified and fermented sausages, ground meat, and formed products such as burgers and nuggets.

Handle your food raw materials with care

GEA’s food preparation machines are made for food safety, hygiene and reliability. They process raw materials gently and efficiently. The resulting ground, mixed, cut or emulsified product is consistently perfect for successful processing.

Application portfolio for GEA preparation equipment with preparation products/mix for meat, fish, vegetarian & plant-based

From single machine to automated food preparation line

GEA is the right partner for you for a single machine or an automated line. The heritage brands Krämer+Grebe and Wolfking were pioneers in their field. They created and proved the technology on which the industry now relies. The innovation continues, keeping GEA at the apex of the food preparation industry. The Batch2Flow [link to new product page] system, for example: saving money, resources, space and labor.


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