Con equipamiento para formado de GEA, la cantidad de formas y tamaños que pueden crearse es ilimitada: albóndigas, aros, pinchos/"saté", etc.

El innovador sistema de formado permite manipular carne roja, de aves o pescado, verduras, queso y patatas de forma adecuada sin, prácticamente, alterar la calidad y la estructura.

Forming the GEA way

Formed food products, such as burgers and nuggets have become a meal component of the modern diet. They are convenient, fun, appetizing and every parent knows they can rely on them to put a smile on their children’s face. Now, as tastes change, formed products include meat replacement products, vegetarian options and trendy whole muscle products.

Main applications GEA FreshFormer & MultiFormer

Behind the fun and convenience is a highly competitive industry in which variety, capacity, yield, versatility, hygiene, sustainability and, above all, product quality are the key drivers.  

Being in the forming business for over half a century, GEA takes a lead in this demanding market with forming equipment to meet every customer’s needs. Nowadays offering both plate formers and drum formers. 

The versatile GEA FreshFormer, for example, is an easy-to-use plate former for forming small batches of fresh meat and vegetables especially when users are producing a wide range of products and so need a fast product changeover. 

For higher production levels we have the GEA MultiFormer that can form virtually any product into any shape including irregular and novelty shapes, even those with a 3D appearance. 

Then comes the GEA MaxiFormer, the world’s leading high-capacity drum former for high-speed production of long-run products with excellent shape retention and weight accuracy. 

Add to this the passionate GEA people and their unrevealed application know-how and you have the ultimate winning formula. That’s forming the GEA way.

Technology Center Bakel

Test before you invest!

Want to validate, experiment and innovate, without the risk of disturbing your day-to-day production? Our Food Solutions Technology Center in Bakel, the Netherlands, is the place to go. What’s more – our doors are always open, even remotely!

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Forming the GEA way

Forming the puzzle for quality formed products with GEA

Creating perfectly formed products can be quite a puzzle: every element must be expertly aligned and in place, to complete the picture.

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GEA Advance Service Platform

GEA Advance Service Platform

Nuestra plataforma independiente de proveedores le da acceso 24/7 los 365 días del año a servicios de última generación, como mantenimiento a distancia, análisis de datos y comercio electrónico integral, y permite la integración perfecta de todas las interacciones con los proveedores en una plataforma común.

GEA FormPlates

GEA FormPlates

Get the best out of your GEA food forming equipment with original forming plates. Choose from an extensive range of food forming plates for meat, poultry, fish, meat-replacement, vegetables and cheese. The GEA FormPlates are suitable for all formers in the GEA food forming family, such as the GEA MultiFormer and GEA FreshFormer.

GEA Knockout E-series

GEA Knockout E-series

Producing the best quality formed food products has become even easier. Whether you use a GEA MultiFormer, GEA FreshFormer or any other GEA plate forming equipment, now you can optimize your forming technology in only a few minutes and boost your performance. With the GEA Knockout E-series, formed products are released smoothly and easily using a combination of gravity, air pulse and water.

Servicios financieros

Servicios financieros

Avoid upfront investment and preserve capital. GEA Financial Services offer to you attractive conditions to lease your new GEA equipment. Cost occur over time while the machine is used.

Soporte Remoto GEA

Soporte Remoto GEA

Soporte por vídeo diseñado para ofrecer asistencia remota en tiempo real.

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