Spray Dryer VERSATILE-SD™ Spray Dryer

Not every plant needs to be custom built which is the why the VERSATILE-SD™ Spray Dryer was designed. It is of a modular design that can be configured for different capacities and product requirements and thus provide all the flexibility needed to meet almost every customer requirement.

The VERSATILE-SD™ Spray Dryer comes in several sizes; ranging from sizes 6.3 and 12.5 and semi-industrial size plants of sizes 25 and 50 to industrial size plants. As it is designed to meet the strictest requirements to both plant and product safety it has become a well-recognized spray drying solution for products such as advanced ceramics, catalysts, flavors, herbal extracts and food ingredients.

A versatile design

The versatile design of the VERSATILE-SD™ Spray Dryer also comes to the fore in the feasibility of equipping it with several alternative atomizing systems, allowing product switch and yet maintain optimum process solutions. Equipment with spray-congealing applications is also possible. Moreover, a closed-cycle design for operation with organic solvents or a reinforced design with venting or suppression systems for dust-explosion protection are also available.

To develop the appropriate process and select the ideal size, configuration and equipment, the GEA Niro Test Centre provides an opportunity for process development, testing, and trial production.

Key figures
Size 6.3Size 12.5Size 25Size 50
Nominal main process gas flow (kg/h)6301,2502,5005,000
Water evaporation capacity (kg/h)10-5520-11040-22080-440
Typical mean particle size (μm)10-13020-14040-15080-160
Space requirements, LxWxH (m)5.5 x 4 x 6.36.5 x 4 x 6.810 x 5 x 911 x 6 x 11.7