Fryers and oil treatment

Your deep-fried products need to be crisp, crunchy and golden-colored. GEA helps you to achieve perfect results with a range of frying solutions that guarantee attractive and tasty products - from chicken nuggets and fish fingers to non-coated fried pork and vegetarian products.

Enhancing taste and appearance

Fried poultry, pork, fish and vegetarian products | GEA frying and oil management solutions

Designed to meet the highest safety standard, GEA fryers have shown exceptional reliability over the last 45 years. They feature low oil consumption, self-supportive oil filtration and recipe control. GEA offers two models differentiating in capacity, the GEA EasyFry & GEA EasyFry XL.

As oil is a complex and expensive commodity, managing it efficiently saves processing costs and ensures consistently high food quality for the consumer. An integral part of the frying process is the different oil management solutions from GEA for the right oil supply, oil exchange and filtering of the oil. Good filtration is essential to prolong the lifespan of your frying oil, promote high product quality and minimize waste. GEA Oberlin Filter range offers an advanced, high-performance solution that suits perfectly the GEA fryer range and is available in three different capacities. 

Together with the passionate GEA people and their unrevealed application know-how, this results in perfect frying and oil management.

Technology Center Bakel

Test before you invest!

Want to validate, experiment and innovate, without the risk of disturbing your day-to-day production? Our Food Solutions Technology Center in Bakel, the Netherlands, is the place to go. What’s more – our doors are always open, even remotely!

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Food Now webinar

Thursay, September 16th 10.00 CEST or 17.00 CEST / 11:00 EDT

Join the webinar 'Give your frying oil a long and healthy life' and you'll learn how to maintain consistent oil quality and food processing standards, from morning to night.

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