Membrane Filtration Technology Membrane Unit to Produce FAB

Alcoholic malt base for FAB

Flavored Alcoholic Beverages (FAB) use a malt base in their manufacture. This base is usually derived from beer that has had ingredients such as sugar, salts and long-chain color and aroma components, removed through membrane filtration.

The membrane filtration plant for FAB can easily be integrated into an existing brewery to create an FAB process line. The equipment needed is compact, low cost and is efficient to run with semi-automatic operation requiring the minimum of operator intervention. FAB membrane filtration plants are standard products from GEA and have a modular design for simple plant integration.  An additional absorptive polishing step can be included to produce a higher quality base material if required.

The process can be used for a range of other alcoholic products such as fermented sugar solutions or cider.


Benefits and advantages

  • High quality, clear FAB base
  • Use of economical and approved polymeric membranes
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • CIP for easy cleaning
  • Easily retrofit into existing plant
  • Compact, hygienic design