Evaporators & Crystallizers

Evaporation and crystallization plants are required whenever in a process: water or any other solvent has to be removed, concentration has to be increased or volume reduced, valuable and pure crystals have to be produced, by-products or impurities have to be stripped or precipitated. To meet customer specification in density, purity, particle size, operating time, while minimizing investment and operating costs, the GEA highly skilled process engineers design evaporation and crystallization plants with a full range of all applied technologies. For high standards of quality, recrystallization can be applied to improve the purity of final product. GEA's extensive experience in building continuous evaporation and crystallization plants is essential to satisfy customers’ needs.

Evaporation for Specialty & Fine Chemicals

The most important user of calcium carbonate and kaolin suspensions is the Paper industry. Both products are used as fillers for filling the cellulose structure and as paint pigment for surface coating/finishing. The required properties are determined by the relevant field of application.


After the removal of interfering particles and mechanical dewatering with decanters and filters down to a kaolin content of > 55 %  the slurry is  concentrated to  approx. 72 - 74 % in single-effect or multiple-effect forced circulation evaporators. Usually plate evaporators are installed, energetically optimized with mechanical vapor recompression.

For the coating of white paper calcium carbonate is used. The final concentration of the slurry send out to the paper producer is adjusted in on of our plate forced circulation evaporation plants. This plants are modular in design.  As optimized solution mechanical vapor recompressors are used to heat the plants. 


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