CONTEX Extractor

The CONTEX Extractor from GEA helps producers all over the world to produce first class extracts.

CONTEX extractor
The continuous horizontal helix extractor, the CONTEX, is specifically designed for operation at atmospheric pressure and low temperatures, thus extracting the aroma rich fractions only. It is successfully used for many health and herbal products such as leaves, stems, and roots; and it is also the excellent choice for obtaining high-quality coffee extracts.

Continuous counter-current extraction

Extractor CONTEX flow 1200x675

The CONTEX Extractor features true continuous counter-current extraction. The solids are fed by gravity or metered by volume into the lower end of the process-vessel and then transported upwards through the Extractor by two counter-rotating mirrored helicoidal screws with a controlled slip. The solids pass two overlapping cylinders, rotating at about half the rate of the screws.

The fresh extraction liquid enters at the top-end and, by inclination-controlled gravity, it flows as a submerged stream down into the bottom half of the cross-sectional area and through the slowly rotating solid in true, well-controlled countercurrent extraction with close to ideal plug-flow in both phases. The speed of the screws is adjusted to provide the necessary residence time for the solid. The flow of liquid is independently adjusted to give an optimal concentration of the extract.

At the lower end, the extract leaves through special self-cleaning filters and a level-control reservoir. The extracted solid will be slightly squeezed at the top end and continuously discharged. Residence time in the extractor is approx. 0.5 to 2 hours, depending on the product.

The CONTEX is available in units of up to 2.700 litres (2.7 m3) and capacities of up to 500-1000 kg/h raw material.

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