Medicinal Teas

In previous centuries, plants like dandelion and nettle were fixed components of herbal cooking and medicine, though they were later forgotten. They are now undergoing an impressive renaissance. In the form of health-promoting drinks or “nutraceuticals”, it is now hard to imagine the drinks range without “special juices”. In this sector, too, separators and decanters from GEA make an important contribution to the gentle production of juices high in active ingredients.

Back to their Roots

Nettle and dandelion are particularly rich in natural minerals and valuable trace elements. Whilst nettle juice is considered diuretic, purging and purifying for the blood, juice from the dandelion is viewed primarily as a drink to aid digestion and boost the metabolism. A total of some 30 different special juices are known and also licensed as pharmaceutical products. The tasks of decanter and separator are combined to obtain the juice. After the plants have been thoroughly cleaned, they are first chopped, blanched and macerated. During the juicing process, the decanter from GEA gently separates the coarser solids before a separator performs fine clarification. The juices are then pasteurized and bottled. The result is first-class quality in which the juices have lost none of the fundamental effect of their ingredients.

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