Some of our favorite melt-in-the-mouth pastries include filled or plain croissants, eclairs and donuts. Gentle handling of pastry doughs, combined with precise baking and accurate injection of fillings all help to ensure that every product will look perfect and have the best texture and taste.

GEA offers the pastry sector proofers and injecting systems, together with industry-leading ovens and automation technologies.

Light and buttery croissants can be filled with jams and chocolate to making this popular favorite even more tasty. Soft and moist donuts, and cream-filled, chocolate-topped offer a wide range of colors and shapes. Technologies that can process the delicate pastry, doughs and fillings will help to ensure perfectly processed products for everyone.

World-leading systems from GEA ensure that our customers can produce the highest quality croissants and other filled pastries, at any capacity.  

Our technology range includes leavening technologies for croissants, tunnel ovens for perfect baking, volumetric cylinder injectors to dose different fillings, and depositors for many types of toppings on croissants, eclairs and donuts.Configurable to handle different sizes and shapes of pastries, and even to inject two different fillings one inside the other, the systems offer the flexibility to change easily between products. Servo-motors increase precision and control the distribution of filling inside the products. We can also provide a no-product, no-filling option that reduces wastage, and downtime for cleaning.

We can design and install customized lines for new product production or provide baking and injection systems that can seamlessly integrate with an existing production line.

GEA ovens are renowned for their accurate temperature control to ensure perfect baking for every product, across the whole width of the oven, and with minimal manual oversight. User-friendly recipe storage software makes it easy to change between products, and industry-leading insulation reduces energy usage.

To increase automation of a production line or plant, we offer a range of depanners that automate the process of turning out products to guarantee gentle handling to maintain top product quality. To put the finishing touches to any size or shape of donut, GEA decorating systems allow our customers to be imaginative in how they personalize the look and finish of their products.

At the GEA Bakery Experience Center (BEC) customers can work with our experts to test, modify and optimize existing and new recipes and processes. Engineers at the BEC also thoroughly test every GEA machine that leaves the factory for delivery to our customers.

And, of course, our customers have the option to tailor one of our flexible service packages, to ensure that every GEA processing line, system and component is expertly maintained, and continues to offer optimum productivity, reliability and efficiency for the whole of its lifespan.

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