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RE:Think Food Tech.

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RE:THINK FOOD TECH – GEA at Anuga FoodTec 2024

Dairy & Beverage

Anyone in the dairy and beverage sectors understands that safety always comes first. We’ve built our business on designing and delivering solutions that will give you confidence in reproducible and safe manufacturing, whatever your food products. Explore our latest advancements at AnugaFood Tec.


Centrifuges & ancillary equipment

Bacteria removal separator GEA ecoclear i

Bacteria removal separator GEA ecoclear i

Reliable bacteria removal paired with the latest drive technology. For prolonged shelf live, excellent product quality, innovative serviceability and extended uptime.

GEA Milk Skimming Separators for Milk and Whey

Milk skimming separators MSI with GEA EngySpeed

Optimized bowl speed with GEA EngySpeed: reducing the energy consumption of centrifuges for a more economical and sustainable processing of milk

GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit

GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit

Compact unit to limit the water consumption for cooling purposes of centrifuges by 99.9% compared to conventional cooling.

Flow components

4 is the new 6

Save energy. Reduce pressure. Go 4 bar with GEA valve actuators.

Understanding the high potential for energy savings due to reduction of pressure in compressed air, GEA decided to extend the 4-bar actuator option to almost the entire range of valves supporting customers to dial down these...

DISK LOCK for Aseptomag® double-chamber valve DK

GEA Aseptomag double-chamber valve type DK with LoTo device

The new DISK LOCK extension for aseptic valves makes the GEA portfolio complete.

GEA Direct Spray Cleaner

GEA Direct Spray Cleaner

To be installed in vessel walls or bottoms to specifically clean spray shadow areas. An innovative mechanism allows an opening into the inside of the cleaner so that no components protrude into the vessel.

GEA Hilge NOVATWIN  bareshaft

GEA Hilge NOVATWIN+ ensures gentle product handling for viscous and chunky media

The high-performance twin screw pump has been awarded the Add Better eco-abel for saving 13% energy on average.

Freeze concentration

GEA IceCon®

GEA IceCon®

GEA’s affordable solution for producing premium quality concentrates with our Freeze Concentration technology that ensures quality retention, highly pure water discharge, continuous operation, low maintenance costs, small environmental...

Heating & Refrigeration 

GEA heat pumps

GEA Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a significant driver in the reduction of operating costs CO2 emissions, especially now that the electricity grid is being increasingly decarbonized through more use of green energy.

GEA Grasso 2-stage screw compressor units in the refrigeration plant room of Wipasz

Integrated heating & cooling solutions

GEA experts can integrate sustainable cooling & heating solutions with the whole production process in the best possible way, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs, and reduced carbon footprint.


GEA NiSoMate® Quality Analyzer

GEA NiSoMate® Quality Analyzer

GEA NiSoMate is an in-line real-time quality monitoring system capable to measure the homogenization effect and derive physical product features including particles size distribution, dilution, change of composition, density...

GEA coneVerge® homogenizing valve

GEA coneVerge® homogenizing valve

The coneVerge® is suitable for dairy, food and beverage products sensible to homogenization pressure.

Liquid filling & packaging

GEA Aseptic Blow Fill ABF

Aseptic filling solutions for sensitive beverages

Top-class sterilization technologies for any PET preform, PET/HDPE bottle and closure, designed to provide each customer with the best solution to their needs.

GEA Whitebloc Aero

Filling solutions for ESL sensitive beverages

GEA's waterless filling solutions for sensitive ESL beverages combine a sustainable and reliable container decontamination process with great operational flexibility.

GEA Omnia robotic isle

GEA Omnia robotic system

GEA robotic palletizing solutions encompassing dynamic products and services aimed at increasing end-of-line packaging efficiency.

Powder handling & packing

Powder Silos

Powder Handling Solutions

GEA is the only supplier capable of meeting the full spectrum of Powder Handing, Powder Filling and packing requirements. The service we provide is unique. Whether purchasing an individual machine or a fully integrated system,...

Scan Vibro SRS Sifter

GEA Scan-Vibro vibratory equipment

GEA is a globally acknowledged specialist in the manufacturing of GEA Scan-Vibro vibratory equipment which includes Sifters, Conveyors, Feeders, LIW Feeders & Dosing Equipment, Spiral Elevators and Fluid beds drying for the Dairy,...

GEA SmartFil M1 Powder Packing System

GEA SmartFil M1 Powder packing system

Small, low volume plants often require a flexible packaging solution to meet the needs of the global food and dairy industries. The GEA SmartFil M1 versatile powder packing system is designed to meet this challenge.

Spray Dryers



The FILTERMAT® is ideally suited for drying heat-sensitive and challenging-to-dry products, transforming them into free-flowing, agglomerated powders.

GEA AddCool® heat pump solution

GEA AddCool® for sustainable spray drying

GEA's cutting-edge high-temperature heat pump solution enables you to reduce the carbon footprint of your spray drying plant by minimizing fossil fuel and primary energy consumption.

Thermal treatment

GEA UHT plants for liquid products

GEA UHT plants for liquid products

Choose the optimal thermal product treatment for the UHT process - from indirect, product to product, direct (infusion or injection) to pilot plant.

Vacuum spiral filter

GEA vaculiq Vacuum Spiral Filter

GEA vaculiq for the juicing of fruits and vegetables

Keeps the vitamins in: vacuum juicing for more quality and yield.

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