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To enable brewers to make the most of their art and to continue to protect the environment, GEA provides them with powerful centrifugal separation systems. For many reasons, centrifugal separation technology has established itself in breweries as a forward-looking solution for wastewater treatment.

Advantages of separation technology in breweries

Separation technology from GEA has many advantages: decanters and separators operate continuously, are extremely efficient at clarification and separation, and require minimal energy and manpower. Treatment plants for the entire wastewater system can be operated in extremely confined spaces and require a minimum of up-front costs.

Reducing costs, boosting the yield

Brewery wastewater consists of two main streams. Yeast, fermentable sugars or kieselguhr, for example, can be returned to the production process as valuable substances after the solid and liquid components have been separated. This reduces costs and increases yields.

The second main stream of brewery wastewater comes from the cleaning of fermentation and storage tanks as well as from the rinsing of tanks and bottles. GEA decanters have proven to be extremely efficient in removing these residues and detergents, thereby making a specific contribution to environmental protection and reducing disposal costs.

Decanter compared with sedimentation under gravity

It also makes sense to use a decanter after anaerobic or aerobic treatment of production wastewater in the plant's wastewater treatment system. Compared to sedimentation by gravity, the decanter exerts four thousand times more force on the solid particles, resulting in much faster separation. The sludge removed by the scroll is dewatered and compacted; the smaller volume of solids makes disposal easier and less expensive.

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