Mixing & blending for top quality nutritional formula

Every nutritional formula is blended as a precise mix of multiple ingredients, which can include dry powders and different oil types as well as liquid milk or whey products. The ability to process these complex formulations with consistency and reliability requires gentle, effective mixing technologies.

GEA tailors and supplies versatile equipment for the complete mixing process, whatever the recipe or final format. We understand that you want to ensure accurate batch control, top quality and seamless processing. Our experts will work with you to design mixing systems that safeguard every key requirement, and match your capacity, throughput and plant layout. Upstream of mixing we offer safe and reliable handling and dosing technologies for every type of powder and liquid ingredient, giving you confidence that every component will reach the mixing stage in perfect condition.

The most versatile mixing system on the market

Our MIXING FORMULA® system represents a state-of-the-art rethink on traditional mixing technology, so you can achieve high-quality, homogeneous, lump-free concentrates quickly and efficiently. The MIXING FORMULA® technology incorporates a high shear mixer that optimizes the mixing process. 

The technology can be configured for the latest continuous processing lines (INLINE FORMULA® Mixer) or supplied as a batch solution (BATCH FORMULA® Mixer). 

Mixer for continuous processing

The unique, versatile multirotor INLINE FORMULA® Mixer comprises a high shear mixing head that both homogenizes the product, and also provides a centrifugal pump effect to feed the downstream process. 

The INLINE FORMULA® Mixer can be configured for vacuum-induced powder introduction and/or vacuum-based product deaeration, and supplied with a heating/cooling jacket.

Your benefits:

  • Continuous mixing technology can run inline with downstream processes to reduce time-consuming stop-start equipment runs
  • Just-in-time production matches need in real time, reducing delays and optimizing use of expensive equipment
  • On-demand processing reduces need for product storage, stockpiling and wastage

Batch Solution Mixer

Batch Formula

The innovative BATCH FORMULA® Mixer is placed at the bottom of the vessel, and introduces ingredients below the liquid surface, avoiding the need for a recirculation loop. This approach ensures fast wetting and solubilization, and reduces foaming and incorporation of air.

Your benefits:

  • High shear and no shear in the same vessel
  • Rapid dissolution of powders into liquids without fish eyes or agglomerates
  • Stable suspensions
  • Gentle product handling
  • Hygienic design and total batch-to-batch drainage

Capable of handling a wide range of ingredients, the single pot BATCH FORMULA® Mixer is energy efficient, saves time, and optimizes clean-in-place (CIP) processes. 

Offering high flexibility, the BATCH FORMULA® Mixer is available with the following features:

  • Vacuum for the instant wetting and deaeration of powders
  • Heating and cooling jacket
  • Direct steam injection
  • A wide range of stators and knives

Dedicated powder valve to maintain flow


The interface between powder and liquid requires careful management, so we have designed the patented GEA Shut-off VARIVENT® POW Valve, which features a full bore opening to prevent powder lumps blocking the inlet. The valve ensures minimal wear on the gasket during powder introduction, especially when working with abrasive powders, such as lactose.

Your benefits:

  • Flush mounting
  • Minimal residual powder retained in the valve housing
  • No elastomers exposed to the powder