Innovative solutions for any separation step

Manufacturing complex milk powder formulations may involve clarification and separation steps at multiple stages in the process. GEA realizes that one size won’t fit all, so we have developed a broad portfolio of centrifugal separators that can be configured to fit seamlessly in with your products and processes. Our technologies offer reliable, robust functionality, reduce waste and product losses, and are designed for efficient, user-friendly operation.

Cream skimming

Raw milk and whey undergo both pasteurization and cream separation prior to use as the basis for milk powder products. Separating the cream to generate non-fat milk can be carried out using either a warm milk separation process, or a cold milk process. Using the cold process makes it possible for the resulting skim milk to be used as the basis for products such as low heat formulas.

GEA has partnered with the dairy industry over decades to develop hygienic, reliable separation solutions that maximize yield, and minimize losses. Our systems fit in seamlessly with existing production lines, whatever the final product requirements, throughput or capacity. Our MSE/MSI system, Ecocream technology and hyvol® proplus line of skimming separators combine optimum separation functionality and efficiency, with safe, user-friendy operation. We configure separation solutions that ensure top quality functionality and consistent, reliable product quality, while helping meet your sustainability goals. Smart designs help to reduce energy and resource use, and enable fast, thorough cleaning to minimize delays and down time.

All GEA separators are equipped with the innovative hydrosoft system, which combines low feed pressures, gentle product intake and low shear forces. Engineered without the need for high maintenance mechanical seals, our hydrosoft system also doesn’t require any additional cooling water. You can be confident of top quality processing that doesn’t damage the nutritional composition of key milk powder constituents. Reduced maintenance, lower energy and water use and less wear on components means lower costs, faster return on investment and maximum use from key equipment.


Clarification for optimized milk quality

Clarification of raw milk and whey as they arrive at the dairy removes biological impurities such as cells and blood from milk, strips out any remaining cheese fines from whey, and clears liquid ingredients of any dirt and dust from the dairy or transportation. GEA clarifiers are ideal for eliminating contaminants that might affect downstream processes or final product quality.

Our clarification technology is gentle on milk and whey, but offers highly efficient, effective separation, whatever your capacity. Engineered to match the most stringent hygiene requirements, GEA solutions are suitable for use with either cold or warm milk, and can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing process line. Our systems are gentle on your key ingredients, and minimize any leakage of key milk constituents into waste solids, which helps to retain the nutritional value of your final product. As an option we can even configure systems that route waste sludge straight to a neutralization or wastewater treatment plant and also seamlessly transfer the cleaned milk or whey for processing, so you don’t waste time and money on delays or holdups.

Microbial safety without compromise

Bacterial clarification is an essential stage in milk powder processing, which removes potential contaminating microorganisms such as bacteria and fungal spores. 

GEA understands the importance of microbiological safety for all dairy-based products, so we have designed and developed highly efficient, effective bacterial separation solutions, including our CSE/CSI and ecoclear type bacterial separators. These versatile hygienic systems are ideally suited to removing microorganisms from milk and whey, including heat-resistant bacteria and spores that can survive pasteurization, but without damaging key nutritional constituents. Effective upstream microbial separation can reduce the heat treatment time and temperature required during downstream pasteurization, so you can benefit from shorter overall processing times, reduced delays, and lower energy use and costs. And gentle processing using GEA separators helps to ensure that key nutritional components aren’t damaged. 

Working with the industry we have developed innovative, smart systems, including the GEA proplus technology, which allows you to combine microbial separation with protein recovery. Choose GEA technologies and you can be confident of top quality processing, thanks to intelligent designs that save time, energy and costs. Our goals are to improve your productivity, profitability and sustainability, so talk to us about how we can configure the ideal system for your processes and products.