The Starting Point for Superior Milk Powders

Manufacturing top quality milk powders requires top quality technologies and processing solutions at every stage of production. GEA offers a portfolio of integrated processing solutions that are renowned for the best quality, reliability and robustness. We work with our customers to configure individual technologies as well as complete end-to-end plants that will meet every product and operating requirement, at any production scale.

Prior to evaporation and drying the milk powder process involves several operations. These include:

  • Raw milk reception and storage
  • Milk separation, standardization, clarification, bacterial removal, pasteurization and storage
  • Cream pasteurization, storage and dispatch
  • Mixing and blending 
  • Pre-concentration by reversed osmosis (RO)
  • Condensate and process water treatment by reversed osmosis polisher (ROP)
  • Preparation and storage of CIP liquids, CIP Plants
25kg bag tipping
25kg bag tipping

Design details

GEA has designed a comprehensive range of process components for the milk powders industry. Our technologies build on decades of extensive industry and product knowhow, combined with leading edge process engineering expertise. We can offer a complete, integrated portfolio of processing technologies for every production stage, as well as solutions for downstream processing. 

Our solutions ensure optimum plant designs and hygienic solutions. Each part of the processing line is designed to minimize product loss and the risk of product contamination, and to support efficient CIP systems, which are divided into separate zones to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.