Optimized homogenization for high quality milk powders

Homogenization is a key stage in the production of milk powders. Homogenizers are incorporated in the dryer feed line to determine the fat globule size and ensures the emulsification of special oils and fats, which limits free fat content. GEA homogenization technology is relied on worldwide for their quality and efficiency. We have combined our in-depth knowledge of milk powder processing, and expertise in process technology design, development and engineering to develop high-performance, hygienic high pressure homogenizers for any milk powder process.

Reliable homogenization for consistent micronization

Homogenization is typically carried out after oil addition and after mixing fat and skim milk together, to micronize the liquid particles and oil droplets, and so ensure optimum, consistent emulsification. Our high pressure homogenizers are highly configurable so that customers can fine-tune the viscosity of their final products, and ensure consistent organoleptic properties, including taste and mouthfeel, and visual properties such as color, every batch. User- and maintenance-friendly, our systems can be configured to allow fast and efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) to ensure fast, thorough cleaning and reduced down time. GEA homogenizers have been engineered for maximum runtime between cleaning cycles and routine servicing. Trouble-free operation for the whole of the equipment lifespan ultimately speeds your return on investment and reduces total cost of ownership.

Downstream homogenization for special processes

Ariete NS3090

Homogenization can be carried out at various points during the manufacture of milk powders. For some processes sensitive oils are added at downstream stages so that they are not subjected to higher temperatures upstream. For these processes with late-stage oil addition we can configure a high pressure pump and homogenizing valve at the dryer feed line. Homogenization is then carried out just prior to drying, without any production delays or impact on product quality or nutritional composition. Our versatile, hygienic systems are designed to fit in with your existing process line, and can be tailored to match your capacity and throughput.

We usually work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that every homogenization solution installed offers maximum versatility, including the scope for expansion and processing new products. The GEA Ariete Series of high pressure homogenizers includes 15 models that can be customized to offer more than 300 options. 


  • Top quality, eco-friendly processing, and optimization of resources
  • Hygienic design to ensure product safety and easy cleaning
  • Automated process monitoring to maintain quality, and avoid delays and downtime
  • Easy access and maintenance via removable panels