Liquid Processing

GEA offers a range of mixing solutions for creams, butters and spreads, providing the right technology for each application.

Characterized by their creamy and homogenized consistency, the end-user perception of dairy derived products such as creams, butters and spreads is based predominantly on texture. As such, selecting the right equipment to deliver the right application-specific characteristics is critical. Efficient and successful mixing is a key element of achieving that texture and the production of a high-quality end-product. 
Avoiding clumps of powder (fish eyes) during mixing is a fundamental requirement, which is why choosing the right mixing technology is important: it not only improves processing but also affects the batch cycle times and total cost of ownership. 
When mixing products such as cream cheese, processed cheese and margarines, and when batch blending either liquid/liquid or liquid/powder mixtures, GEA takes a novel approach to mixing. Within the vessel, the point of powder introduction is below the liquid surface, which results in instant wetting of the ingredients, shorter mixing times and a high degree of process flexibility. As such, based on extensive experience and both process and product know-how, GEA can supply the most appropriate mixing solutions that meet specific customer needs 

Hygienic Process Design

Our many years of dairy industry experience and hygienic process design and engineering expertise have provided us with in-depth knowledge of all the processes involved in the production of dairy powders. 
And, with the ever increasing requirements for food safety and quality, from a public, regulatory and manufacturing persepctive, it goes without saying that hygienic design and engineering is paramount when it comes to designing a modern powder plant. 
A process line from GEA is designed to meet the strictest hygienic, safety and environmental demands and standards, which is we’re the right choice of supplier for complete processing lines and solutions for any kind of cheese.

The GEA Difference

Based on a deep and fundamental understanding of the various processes in the liquid food and dairy industries, along with an unparalleled legacy of experience, we provide cutting-edge process solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ needs for a variety or dairy applications.