Refining the Whey

Whey and whey derivatives represent valuable constituents in a range of dairy and nutritional products, and in food ingredients. Liquid processing technologies, such as microparticulation, pasteurization and thermal treatment, are fundamental to the fractionating, refining, and processing of whey and its derivatives, such as lactose, whey protein concentrates (WPCs) and whey protein isolate (WPI).

GEA has decades of experience designing whey processing plants for a range of applications. We can supply all the technologies and components that are required for a complete and fully integrated liquid processing solution for whey and its derivatives. Our technologies and solutions encompass:

   Whey reception and storage

   Heat treatment

   Mixing and blending



   Handling of prepared feeds and by-products

   CIP (cleaning-in-place) plants

The GEA design philosophy

GEA works with the customer to design hygienically optimized, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable process plants that combine and integrate relevant technologies, such as membrane filtration, mixing and valve manifold design, in the best possible way. Each process operation is designed to meet the highest standards, in line with European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), and regulatory requirements for food processing equipment and components.

Process Design & Engineering

GEA supports it customers throughout the design and installation process. Three dimensional models of the processing system can be supplied for use in the validation stage, to ensure optimum equipment layout and integration with existing processing equipment, on site.

From the application of simple I/O levels such as valve information systems, to the implementation of complex SQL databases for ERP systems, GEA’s approach to software engineering and project execution will ensure a smooth integration with any existing software system.

Process Design & Engineering

We support our customers all through the project. 3D models of the processing system can supplied to be used in the validation stage along with the customer. This ensures an optimum layout in the processing hall and perfect integration into existing processing equipment.
From simple I/O levels such as Valve Information Systems to complex SQL databases for ERP systems, GEA will through our modern approach to software engineering and project execution ensure a smooth integration with any existing software system. The final choice of system platform and architecture is always made in close cooperation with the customer.