Optimize the pre-concentration

GEA provides the homogenization technology applied in processing of whey and its derivatives.

Homogenization technology is often used to process whey proteins and lactose. Whey has always been regarded as an acceptable fodder for animals (mainly pigs) but, now, the use of whey has been expanded to include applications in dairy products, non-food formulas and as a food ingredient.
Usually whey is used as a dried product. Before drying, however, it is pre-concentrated to remove 90% of the water it contains. GEA recommends homogenization to optimize the pre-concentration effect by standardizing the size of the particles that will release water. Moreover, homogenization can improve the subsequent crystallization process. The viscosity of whey changes during the crystallization phase; by using homogenization, the viscosity change can be controlled and the crystallization can be optimized. During the spray drying step, we suggest the use of high pressure piston pumps to feed the spray dryer and a dynamic pressure in the range of 100–150 bar.