Cheese making at a glance

There is hardly any other food product where so many parameters influence the quantity and quality of the production. Liquid processing technology is part of the secret behind superior cheese making.

Getting into the details, every cheese making concept is unique and specific to the type of cheese, manufacturing processes and customer-specific requirements. GEA’s cheese process lines are designed to satisfy any conceivable requirement. In each project, our experts work with the customer to develop suitable and highly efficient concepts.
We apply our key technologies – including separators, filtration systems, heat exchangers and pumps and valves - to design the most efficient liquid processing solutions that allows for efficient production and a superior control of the process; all designed to fulfill the strictest requirements hygiene and food safety. 
Our supply includes equipment that enables the fat and protein contents to be adjusted in accordance with the specific application requirements. Standardization of the processes plays a major role. When the parameters required in the final product can be reliably and predictably achieved, this will increase the overall efficiency of process plants of any size - not only of larger lines but also for the small cheese process lines.

Sensitive cheese recipes

Cheese recipes are traditional and very sensitive to all kind of change. Targeted production with a high level of standardization is gaining increasing importance for manufacturers. Deviations in the composition of the product generally reduce the cost effectiveness and quality of the products. This is why, GEA has developed an award winning system, making sure that important process parameters are managed centrally – and are transferred to the relevant stations exactly when they are needed, from raw material reception to the final product. When recipes are modified or optimized, individual stations such as milk pasteurizer, cheese vat, washing water system, curd filling, presses etc. no longer need to be manually adapted by the operator – the new values are set up automatically. Advantages include:

  • Gentle milk filling, without dead corners and therefore without unnecessary flush-out losses
  • Swift, controlled whey removal with minimal losses of cheese curd and without soiling the removal device
  • Gentle, indirect post-heating, controlled via the temperature difference
GEA provides cheese producers technological solutions that offer a very high level of standardization and hygienic design, and also ensure best quality at low production costs and high economic efficiency.