Refrigeration Technology for Marine Operations

Seas, oceans and rivers remain attractive routes for transporting both people and goods. GEA’s refrigeration and cooling technologies can make sure that passengers travel in comfort, and that cargo arrives in tiptop condition. We are also specialists in refrigeration technology for the transport of energy – for example, for the cost-efficient transport of liquefied natural gas.

GEA ensures the right temperature on board

GEA specializes in cooling processes and technology, and in particular the temperature control of cargo, both for merchant and leisure operations, and for the fishing industry. GEA's HVAC systems keep passengers and crew cool on board Carnival Cruise Lines and P&O passenger ships, and our refrigeration solutions are also responsible for keeping tens of thousands of cubic meters of fruit juice cool on each transporter vessel that we fit or convert. GEA also offer cryotechnology for gas liquefaction systems, refrigeration technology for gas storage in ship tanks, and technology for reliquefaction on board. 

GEA technologies enable freshness on the high seas

Denizcilikte Soğutma

GEA offers effective cooling and freezing technologies for every fishing vessel, whether the ship returns to port the same day or remains at sea for extended periods. In either case the catch should be cooled to around 0°C / 32°F immediately. Two solutions for the provision of ice are available: either the ice is loaded on board when the ship leaves the harbor, or the ice is produced on the ship as needed.

Flawless cooling for transporting fish


GEA has equipped hundreds of fishing harbors with ice towers that produce and store ice for fishermen to collect and load onto their boats before they leave port. Ideally, these ice silos are integrated into the port facilities so that a transport system directly fills the ships with ice. GEA’s automatic towers store ice hygienically, according to food and beverage standards. The ice is dispensed by screw conveyors at the press of a button, on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle. GEA can also supply ice towers that have weighing functions, coin payment, and indicators for ice filling levels.


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