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Hygienic valves have been manufactured by GEA for over 80 years. They are the core component in matrix-piped process plants and contribute significantly to the highest product quality. With our range of valves we provide the market with solutions for highly complex tasks as well as for basic functions. Our valves are economically designed for the application they are intended for.

The design of the valves and individual components without dead space satisfies the most exacting hygienic requirements and prevents unnecessary product losses. Thanks to the metallic stops, the seals used are characterized by a very long service life. This significantly cuts operating costs.

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Clearing the path for less wastewater

Water is a valuable and limited resource. In the age of climate change, with increasing periods of drought and controversies over water rights, this fact is becoming clearer and clearer. The freshwater consumption of industrial companies is constantly under scrutiny. A traditional method, the pigging of product-carrying pipelines, enables sustainable water savings during pipe cleaning and the minimization of product losses in liquid processes. In this way, companies are able to realize “green” production methods more consistently.

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