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GEA Fresh Enhanced Line

Genel Bakış

GEA Fresh Enhanced Line

GEA Fresh Enhanced Line

Çalışma Prensibi
GEA Fresh Enhanced Line Çözümü hem ekipmanı hem de taze uygulama proseslerinin yürütülmesi ve kontrolü ile ölçümcontrolling fresh application processes and measuring yield.

• Configured from a range of machines
• From brine mixing up to including freezing and packaging 

Injecting too much is not permitted and should be avoided at all time, whereas too little is the same as meat give-away. Injection levels must remain with the smallest possible bandwidth. It is precisely this bandwidth that GEA minimizes to ensure that yield is as close to agreed specification limits as possible. We do this by: 1) constant control over brine pressure at the needle tip, 2) stabile brine temperature, 3) even belt load, 4) consistent brine mixing, and 5) accurate brine distribution – all parameters that have a significant impact on standard deviation.

• Smart yield measurement system
• Accurate injection control
• Dense needle pattern for optimal brine distribution
• 2mm GEA OptiFlex injection needles
• Unique 50 Hz shaker technology 

Output quality
To decrease drip after injecting and in the package, GEA uses a number of methods: 1. An extremely dense injection pattern (see below images for comparison): this allows a high number of injection points. When combining this dense pattern with relatively low pressure injection, the meat fiber remains 100% intact and absorbs the brine efficiently 2. Thin and sharp needles: GEA’s exclusive OptiFlex 2mm needles with extremely sharp needle tips do not cut, rip or pierce meat. The sharp tip simply moves meat fibers aside when it is inserted. When the needle is retracted from the meat, the fibers move back in place, leaving no cut and no channels for the brine to leak back out. 3. Temperature control: warm brine is less effective. It causes more drip loss after injection. If brine does not stay cool (between 2 – 4 degrees Celsius) at the point of injection, yield differences may add up to 0,2%. The GEA solution assures the best possible brine distribution and retention. For fresh products, unsightly 'pools' of excess brine in the package are avoided. And with frozen products, less free moisture means no icing up fans, avoiding unnecessary freezer downtime.

• Better looking packaged products
• No post-packaging drip loss and no needle marks
• Higher perceived value 

İstikrarlı sonuçlar ve maksimum randıman

GEA, taze ve geliştirilmiş ürünler sektöründe teknoloji bakımından piyasa lideridir. Sapmayı minimuma indiren, ürün kalitesini koruyan ve damlama yüzdesini hem enjeksiyondan hemen sonra hem perakende paketlerinde azaltan proseslerde uzmandır. Taze enjeksiyon hattı çözümleri işçilik maliyetlerini azaltır, eşsiz kapasiteler ve deneyimler sağlar ve neredeyse hiç hizmet dışı kalma süreleri olmaz.
• Highly controlled in-line process
• Cosistent results and maximum yield
• Efficient processing and high capacity 

Return on investment
A pro-active R&D department and superbly equipped Technology Centers to test new ideas, recipes and processes have yielded many process enhancements.

• Reduced labor
• Faster cleaning
• Less freezer maintenance and higher freezer effectiveness
• Reduced give-away
• No wasted brine 

The GEA solution also uses shaker technology to eliminate the need to manually load, orient and spread products at the infeed. This has the added benefit of reducing human contact with the product, improving the food safety. Due to the elimination of needle marks, it is no longer necessary to position poultry parts on fresh-packed injection lines (for frozen this remains required to avoid products freezing together and belt marks in the freezing process).

• Enhanced food safety
• Reduced human contact

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