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High capacity and individual lobe pump system depositors from GEA Comas offer a world of opportunities for producing plain, filled and decorated cookies, biscuits and fig bars.

Our technology effortlessly handles fluid, whipped or dense mixes and doughs with solid particles such as chocolate chips, candied fruit or nuts. Precise depositing, easy clean design and recipe storage features maximize quality, minimize down time and make switching between products quick and easy.

State-of-the-art systems for imaginative cookies and biscuits

The DLV and DV  model cookie depositors are ideal for the production of wire cut and smooth mix deposited biscuits. The DLV is a flexible and versatile stand-alone machine that can also produce cakes and be used as test machine, while the DV is mounted directly on a tunnel oven band for high capacity production.

Designed for the production of dual or tri-coloured filled biscuits as well as traditional favorites, the DV3 co-extruder can simultaneously deposit two different doughs and a third, fluid filling. Featuring servo-motor control for precision and reliability, the DV3 incorporates GEA’s innovative ILPS technology to ensure reproducible depositing from every outlet, and a perfect shape and weight for each biscuit.  

Universal compact depositor

The DLV model lobe depositor from GEA has been developed to cope with the increasing demands of a diverse bakery sector. Designed for the production of wire cut biscuits and smooth batters on trays, the system can also deposit cakes or fillings.

The DLV model lobe depositor comprises a belt conveyor for trays, and a moving vertical head. The flexibility of the system hinges on the design of the individual lobe pump system (ILPS), which allows the head to deposit a wide range of batters, fluids, dense and aerated mixes, and even batters containing small solid particles, such as chocolate or nuts. The head comprises a pair of motorized rollers that feed the volumetric lobe pumps underneath.The assembly can be supplied with different outlets, and a wire cut unit and twist device are also available.

Developed to be user friendly and easy to clean, all the DLV machine functions are PLC controlled, and an operator can program, store and retrieve all working parameters for each product, using the interface panel. Safety and hygienic design are built in. The depositor features All the moving parts of the DLV depositor have stainless steel protection guards and safety switches, while the hopper, feed rollers, lobe pumps and nozzles can be easily stripped down for cleaning.

High performance extruder

The DV and DFV model cookie depositors from GEA offer high capacity production. The units effortlessly and efficiently handle a variety of mixes for a wide range of products, including smooth mix and wire cut biscuits from fluid, whipped or stiff dough, and mixes that contain solid particles such as chocolate or nuts.

The DV and DFV depositors are designed to be versatile and easily integrated with existing process lines..The units are carried on a specially designed frame that can be cantilevered over the GEA Imaforni tunnel oven. This allows smooth mixes, for example, to be deposited directly onto the oven band. The vertical and horizontal movement depositing heads comprise a pair of motorized rollers that feed the dough mix to the volumetric pumps underneath, and to the individual lobe pump system (ILPS) – one for every outlet. The technology ensures highly accurate deposition across the whole working width.

The depositor feed rollers and lobe pumps are driven by servo-motors for maximum control over the depositing process. Two pairs of independent servo-motors also drive the vertical and horizontal movements of the depositing head. This major reduction in the use of mechanical components has both significantly improved performance and facilitated a design that allows quicker installation over the GEA tunnel oven. 

High performance co-extruder

The DV3 and DFV3 co-extruders from GEA offer an extensive range of product possibilities. Designed to simultaneously deposit two different types of dough, as well as a third, fluid filling, these high capacity units are ideal for producing filled biscuits with 2-3 colours, or fig bars, as well as traditional wire cut and smooth mix cookies.

The highly versatile DV3 and DFV3 co-extruders can deposit a variety of fluid, whipped or dense mixes, including batters that contain solid particles such as candied fruit or nuts. The units comprise two, independent dosing heads that are mounted on a single frame and driven by servo-motors. Each depositing head comprises two motorized rollers to feed the dough mix to a pump assembly with individual lobes underneath – one pump for each outlet. The pumps ensure that the mix is dosed with high accuracy across the whole working width. The third, fluid filling is fed in through a pressurized manifold and external pump. All the unit’s functions are PLC controlled, and working data for each product can be stored and retrieved easily by the operator.

The DV3 and DFV3 machines are supplied on a frame that can be positioned to deposit the mixes directly onto an oven band. Alternatively, the frame can be sited over a belt conveyor for depositing onto trays, or for special products that require further processing prior to baking, such as cookies with decorations or icing. Available accessories include a biscuit wire cutter, a vertical or horizontal guillotine for fig bars, and press or decorating rollers for filled biscuits and other applications.

The DV3 and DFV3 co-extruders feature an easy clean design. All the electrics remain anchored to the frame itself, and the depositing heads can be completely removed from the frame and jet washed. All the components on the depositing heads can also be removed for cleaning.

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