Rail air conditioning

A pleasant journey on the tracks

Whether in regional trains, high speed trains, long distance trains, commuter trains or trams - GEA compressors form the heart of several air conditioning systems specifically used on tracks. Rail drivers, passengers, livestock and cargo have to be provided with a controlled air temperature and flow.

Vehicle and semi-hermetic compressors for electric and diesel rolling stock

While outside temperatures in a lot of countries fluctuate between sub-zero temperatures in winter and tropical temperatures in summer, a constant temperature of about 22°C has to be maintained in the interior of rail vehicles.

Open type vehicle compressors of the FK range as well as semi-hermetic compressors are suited for air conditioning on tracks. They can be used both in in Electric Multiple Units (EMU) and Diesel Multiple Units (DMU). Whereas EMUs are using electricity as the motive power, DMUs are powered by on-board diesel engines. The latter are especially used in areas and countries where electric power supply is not available. 

The application areas for the vehicle and semi-hermetic compressors are manifold. They can be found in High Speed Trains (which reach a speed of up to 350 km/h and cover long distances), metro vehicles ("passenger railways" which are used in urban areas with high capacity and frequency) and freight trains (which transport cargo between the shipper and the intended destination as part of the logistics chain). 

Продукты и технологии

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