Containment Solutions

Hicoflex® Disposable Containment System

GEA offers a disposable high containment interface for the safe and dust-free transfer of solid dosage material to fully protect your operator and your product.

With the Hicoflex® system, GEA ensures fully contained powder transfer during the charging and discharging of hazardous material. The Hicoflex® is attached to both a disposable containment bag, for material transport, and to a disposable containment adaptor that fits onto the inlet or outlet chute to allow product transfer.

Protecting Your Operator and Your Product

Disposable containment enables your operators to perform the jobs they should be doing, not washing small containers or waiting for cleaning validation.

Safe, easy to use and cost-effective, Hicoflex® gives you the power to work more effectively and efficiently – by reducing overheads and running costs while improving yield and output, and getting product to market faster. Benefits include

  • no cross-contamination owing to single use
  • visible contained product transfer
  • disposable, so no cleaning or validation
  • safe handling of potent products
  • fast installation and easy handling.



Hicoflex® disposable containment technology comprises two identical couplings that are joined together to seal the external faces, thus providing dust-tight product transfer. Hicoflex® Consumables can be operated using specially engineered equipment.


Whatever your application, from charging a reactor or tablet press to discharging an isolator or process unit, to the fully contained transfer of hazardous materials, we have a solution that fits your needs. 

Charging and Discharging
Hicoflex® stations and our Hicoflex® Trolley enable the safe and efficient charging and discharging of hazardous products while complying with stringent containment requirements.

Sampling Technology
The specially designed Hicoflex® Sample Bag allows non-intrusive sampling from IBCs reactors or process units, for example. The sample can then be transported in a closed bag to any location where it can be removed and analyzed when required.

High Level Containment
Offering containment from 1–10 μg/m3 (STTWA) as standard, containment levels down to <1 μg/m3 (STTWA) can be achieved with an optional Hicoflex® Suction Device.


  • 100% FDA compliant 
  • Manufactured under GMP conditions in a Class 5 cleanroom according to ISO EN 14644-1 
  • Full traceability of product contact parts.

Hicoflex® Consumables

Safe, easy to use and cost-effective, Hicoflex® gives you the power to work more effectively and efficiently.
Available Hicoflex® consumables:
Hicoflex® Charge Bag
Hicoflex Charge Bag

  • The Hicoflex® Charge Bag comprises a coupling and a PE bag. 
  • A handle is incorporated for easy transportation and to hang the bag up during discharge.   
  • Available sizes: 1, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 L 

Hicoflex® Charge Bag with Flush Connector
Hicoflex Charge Bag with Flush Connector

  • The Hicoflex® Charge Bag with Flush Connector
  • Ensures a full yield discharge because of an internal rinsing device.  
  • Available sizes: 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 L

Hicoflex® Adaptor
Hicoflex Adaptor

  • The Hicoflex® Adaptor is used to connect Hicoflex® Bags to the processor. 
  • This adaptor is made from a Hicoflex® coupling and a standard tri-clamp connector. 
  • Available sizes: 2, 4, 6" 

Hicoflex® Spray Bag with Drain
Spray Bag with drain

  • The Hicoflex® Spray Bag equipped with an additional drain 
  • Enables the rinsing/wetting of the connectors from below.

Hicoflex® Sample Bag 400
Hicoflex Sample Bag 400

  • The Hicoflex® Sample Bag 400 is a hose-shaped bag with a sampling device. After docking the bag, a sample (approx. 5 mL) can be taken in a fully contained way. 
  • We highly recommend the use of a Hicoflex® Opening Tool Pistol to take product samples.

Hicoflex® Sample Bag 1200
Hicoflex® Sample Bag 1200

  • Compared with the Hicoflex® Sample Bag 400, the Hicoflex® Sample Bag 1200 is equipped with a 1200 mm flexible lance, which enables sampling from difficult to access areas.

Hicoflex® System Components

By using our low-maintenance Hicoflex® systems, GEA ensures that the operator is fully protected and the product is completed contained during material transfer.
Available Hicoflex® components:
Hicoflex® Charge Station

  • To charge product into a Hicoflex® Bag, we recommend the use of our stainless steel Hicoflex® Charge Station, which comes supplied with an adjustable support platform for the bags.  
  • The station can easily be installed on a existing tri-clamp nozzle. 
  • Available sizes: 2, 4 and 6"   

Hicoflex® Discharge Station

  • The stainless steel Hicoflex® Discharge Station features a height adjustable bag support, facilitating product transfer from the Hicoflex® Bags.  
  • The station can easily be installed on an existing tri-clamp nozzle.  
  • Available sizes: 2, 4 and 6"  

Hicoflex® Opening Tool Pistol
Hicoflex® Sample Taking

  • The Hicoflex® Opening Tool Pistol is suitable for manual use
  • We highly recommend the use of a Hicoflex® Opening Tool Pistol for taking product samples from a Hicoflex® Sample Bag.

Hicoflex® Opening Tool
Hicoflex® Opening Tool with mech. stop

  • The manually operated Hicoflex® Opening Tool, which is attached to our Hicoflex® Discharge or Charge Stations
  • It can also be supplied and installed separately.

Hicoflex® Suction Device
Hicoflex® Suction Device

  • The Hicoflex® Suction Device can be used to extract airborne particles and dust, down to a containment level of <1 mg/m3 (STTWA), during material transfer.

Hicoflex® Trolley 4”
Hicoflex® Tolley

  • The Hicoflex® Trolley is a mobile stainless steel frame with a 4” tri-clamp 
  • It is used for the manual charging of Hicoflex® Bags.

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