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Test before invest. Our Process Test Center (PTC) for separation is a pioneer and supplier of reliable basic data for the optimum selection and design of centrifuges and separation process lines, with decades of experience in the evaluation of process engineering customer solutions.

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Our PTC team identifies the ideal solution for your product.

The company's own Process Test Center (PTC), which was renewed in 2014 to provide comprehensive technical support for customers' investment projects, also enables an even stronger customer focus: Starting with the specification of product properties through the determination and design of machine types to pilot tests at GEA and on site at the customer's premises. In cooperation with the customer, GEA Product Managers and GEA Process Development, the PTC also develops and tests completely new processes. The PTC also underscores GEA's innovative strength as a leading international technology group. More than 11,000 tests and process developments as well as more than 18,000 laboratory product analyses have been carried out to date. This know-how is bundled in a database, which is supplemented and updated every year by around 500 new product tests and over 150 process developments.

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Different test procedures and set-ups can be carried out in our PTC.

Because the application of separators and decanters is constantly changing and expanding, and because they are not off-the-shelf products, they must be selected and customized according to their end use. To facilitate this, GEA offers customers support via its Process Test Centers (PTC), where teams carry out product analyses, analytical measurements, machine trials and process developments to meet the requirements of producers and their specific process engineering task, as well as collecting all of this knowledge in a database, so that customers can draw on a wide range of expertise covering all GEA process engineering applications. This level of support is also critical in helping customers calculate their investment costs and ROI.

We’re also partnering our customers along their increasingly digital and automated journey – and well into the future – with a suite of digital solutions that support smart and sustainable production, including self-optimizing and self-learning systems, conditions-monitoring technology and service concepts that cover the complete life cycle of GEA machines and plants to enable sustainable plant operation.

Test before invest: Identify your ideal solution

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