Центрифуги & сепарационное оборудование

С 1893 года компания GEA разрабатывает центрифуги, обеспечивающие высокий коэффициент разделения, уровень очистки и производительность с одновременной экономией энергии, воды и сокращением затрат на утилизацию. Компания GEA имеет опыт, полученный на основе более чем 3000 применений процесса и процедуры быстрого преобразования инноваций в отвечающие рыночным требованиям процессы, благодаря чему она может предложить прибыльные решения для наиболее насущных проблем нашего времени. Только эффективное управление ценными ресурсами может обеспечить высокое качество нашей жизни без создания угроз фундаментальным основам будущих поколений. Здоровый рост – это цель технологии сепарации компании GEA.

Separation technology and processing lines for pet food ingredients

For decades GEA provides centrifuges and complete process lines to obtain proteins and fats from various raw materials. From animal by-products such as fat, blood, skins and bones to vegetable sources like soy, sunflower or rapeseed up to the newest alternative resources such as pea, rice, insects and micro-algae, there is hardly any raw material that does not need centrifugal separation technology for the processing into its ingredients.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the nutritional benefits and characteristics of the products they use, this also applies more and more to pet food. The demand for healthy, naturally produced pet food is growing. This again affects the complete production chain of pet food ingredients: the increasing concerns about safety and quality have an impact on growing and breeding the resources, their handling and transportation and often require sanitary processing.

Process expertise for high quality pet food ingredients

With our expertise and long history in food processing, safe and smart CIP solutions are part of our DNA. FDA-approved and components according to 1935/2004/EG, special materials, the design of hollow spaces, corners and surfaces to ensure optimal cleaning as well as a defined arrangement of spray nozzles, our centrifuges and processing lines for fats and proteins are fully CIP capable. We can even plan and implement different CIP options – in one go or stage-by-stage so that the rest of your plant can keep on processing.

Sanitary processing is one aspect, product quality and high yields of the different ingredients are at least equally important and it is often enough the centrifuge and its performance that determines your results. The raw materials used for obtaining proteins and fats are naturally grown which means their composition changes. To always get the best result out of your centrifuge you have to be able to adapt the machine to those changes. This is why we have developed numerous features to adjust running parameters to the individual process optimum.

Apart from single centrifuges GEA provides ready-to-connect skid installations including tanks, pumps, valves and control cabinets up to complete process lines.


Fresh cheese uncovered with GEA separation technology

With our pioneering work in designing centrifuges and production processes, we enabled the industry-scale production for dairy products like strained yoghurt, quark and fresh cheese. Our centrifuges ensure economical and efficient production and the achievement of a product with a consistent taste and texture.


Plant protein recovery with decanter centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges are the heart of every wet separation process line to obtain plant proteins for the use as e.g. meat alternatives or sport drinks and snack bars. Learn more about the design features decanters should optimally have for the recovery of plant proteins.


GEA Crude Oil Treatment Systems

With the Crude Oil Treatment System, GEA has designed a flexible but easy-to-integrate solution for the continuous dehydration and desalting of crude oil in various process setups in upstream and downstream processes. Try our online calculator to get an initial indication of possible installation options based on your individual feed and process conditions.


GEA marine Upgrade Kit for separators

Designed to regulate different separator processes automatically, the GEA marine Upgrade Kit comprises additional software and a sophisticated easy-to-install hardware kit. Adding considerably to the functionality of our marine separators, it makes them more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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GEA исследует потенциал белка насекомых для комбикормов

Компания GEA сотрудничает с австралийской компанией-стартапом с целью изучения потенциала экологически чистого белка для комбикормов в качестве более экологичной альтернативы существующим процессам производства кормов для животных.

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Partnership means thinking with one another

Dutch company Duplaco is leveraging GEA separation know-how for the processing of Chlorella algae to produce alternative proteins for healthy food.

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