3-Phase Separating Decanters for Oil Recovery

For the recovery of olive, palm and other vegetable crude oil the decanter is always the heart of the installation.

Центрифуга – Декантерная центрифуга

3-Phase decanters separate both, the olive pulp or the palm oil sludge into oil, water and solids.

This 3-Phase separation requires a comparably high amount of dilution water. In olive oil production GEA also offers 3-Phase decanters for treating the waste water from the olive oil recovery process. They reduce the volume of waste water and its COD value and the oil mill gains up to an additional 0.5 percent of oil relative to the quantity of olives processed. When it comes to the recovery of palm oil our 3-Phase decanters are used in the conventional as well as the crude oil process setups.

Features & Benefits

  • High speeds for maximum separation precision and even further improved throughput
  • Optimally set differential speed at all times
  • Full torque at all times, thus full performance at all times
  • Long service life and maximum availability
  • Easy operation and monitoring
  • High efficiency – rapid amortisation
  • Maximum product yield
  • GEA cetec technology for 1 – 2 percent additional yield in olive oil recovery

Связанные продукты

Service products

GEA PerformancePlus

GEA PerformancePlus

GEA PerformancePlus предлагает дополнительные возможности для повышения качества обслуживания клиентов, которые выходят далеко за рамки обычного профилактического обслуживания и дополняют стратегические усилия клиентов в рамках инициативы «Индустрия 4.0».



Безопасность продуктов питания и качество продукции имеют основополагающее значение для деятельности вашей компании. Вы обязательно справитесь с этой задачей и защитите свой бренд с помощью SAFEXPERT® от GEA.

International Repair Network for GEA Centrifuges

International Repair Network for GEA Centrifuges

With our worldwide network of 17 authorized repair workshops, our service experts are always within your reach and support you with equipment maintenance, support and spare parts.

Remote FATs for GEA Centrifuges

Remote FATs for GEA Centrifuges

Is a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of your centrifuge not possible on site due to current travel restrictions, a very tight schedule or other urgent reasons? Are you generally looking for ways to make business processes more digital and to sustainably reduce costs and time? Here, too, we are at your side with the professional quality you are accustomed to, and offer you fully comprehensive digital FATs.

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