Nozzle Separators for Pharma

GEA nozzle bowl separators for pharma are ideal for processes with high solids content in which the solid material needs to be extracted continuously in constant concentration.

Centrifuge - Clarifier / Separator FSE

GEA nozzle bowl separator represent the state-of-the-art in the field of the treatment of fermentation broth, microbial food cultures, hormones, pharmaceutical proteins etc.

Great advances have been made in recent years in the field of centrifugation for concentration with nozzle separators. According to model available with viscon®). With the development of this viscosity-controlled nozzle, the adjustment of the separator parameters (ejection time) to changing inlet conditions has become unnecessary. This achieves constant solid discharge concentration. The nozzles of the viscon® system are not located at the edge of the bowl, but at a smaller circumference in the bowl top. Pressures of up to 250 bar prevail at the periphery of the bowl, whereas the pressures are substantially lower at the center of the bowl. This means that the separated cells are subjected to much lower shear forces. The introduction through the hydrohermetic inlet and the discharge through the viscon® nozzles increase the activity of the separated cells. The result: the end product is more valuable and can be employed more economically.

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