Centrifuges and process lines for concentrated, fermented dairy products

Fresh cheese uncovered with GEA separation technology

Strained yoghurt, quark and fresh cheeses are among the trend products for health conscious nutrition and it was the use of separators that enabled their production on a large scale. GEA has done pioneering work in both separator design and the ongoing development of production processes. On this page you can learn more about both the processes we developed and our high-efficient centrifuges and how they contribute to your production in a particularly economical and sustainable manner.

Fresh cheese uncovered - separation technology
KDB 3 dairy centrifuge skid

A little big one: New separator skid for additive-free yumminess

Meet the KDB 3, the newest member of our established GEA PureCon series: With the smallest centrifuge in our series, you can now also enjoy best-in-class performance on small scale and produce additive-free high-quality products with the beloved traditional taste and texture.
Fresh white cheese

Fresh Cheese

In many cultures fresh cheese products are well known and have a long tradition. Each country has its own fresh cheese product such as quark, petit suisse, fromage blanc, labneh or greek yoghurt. 

“Pure” innovation

The customer-centric vision of China-based yogurt producer Lepur, which drives its entire product development, is embedded in its name: The company’s name is derived from French and meaning “the pure”, which summarizes their main ambition to provide consumers with additive-free and delicious high-quality yogurt. The company’s core product – additive-free Greek yogurt – is produced with high-performance GEA nozzle separators. With the reliable performance of our separators, Lepur achieves a product of consistent quality with the desired texture and delicate taste has launched 40 new flavors since 2016.
Learn in our reference video why Lepur chose GEA as partner for continuous innovation
Strained yoghurt

Strained Yoghurt (Greek Yoghurt)

Fashionable product, low fat and high protein content. 


Refreshingly product with a light sour taste.

Labneh fresh cheese


Labneh, Labaneh, ideal to enjoy with some olive oil and flat bread.

Double cream cheese

Double Cream Cheese

Creamy product out of standardized milk.



Mascarpone, the traditional ingredient for many Italian classics.

Nozzle separator for strained cheese

Nozzle separators for strained yoghurt, quark and fresh cheeses

Learn more about the convincing performance of our nozzle separators that have been designed for the efficient and economic manufacturing of fresh cheese products.

Separators for double cream fresh cheese and mascarpone

Separators for double cream fresh cheese and mascarpone

Discover our range of high-efficient self-cleaning separators.

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