GEA Static Pressure Control System

No more frost - a simple upgrade to enhance A-Tec spiral freezer performance

GEA Static Pressure Control System

GEA is offering established users of its A-Tec spiral freezer a simple upgrade that will instantly control air flow to reduce frost build-up, increase productivity and improve product quality.

Recognize your benefits

  • Less frost build-up at freezer openings
  • Fewer defrost cycles resulting in less downtime and greater productivity
  • More consistent product profile 
  • Reduced operator involvement, relieving personnel for other tasks within the plant
  • Lower energy usage
  • Approximately four-month pay-back time

Avoid frost build-up

All GEA A-Tec spiral freezers, built before 2015, have a manually-operated air balance fan to control internal air flow in line with the changing atmospheric conditions within the production hall.  An incorrectly-set fan will increase the risk of frost build-up, more defrost cycles, reduced productivity, an inconsistent product profile and higher costs of production.

With a simple, no-hassle air balance system upgrade

GEA’s new Static Pressure Control System (SPCS) for spiral freezers automatically controls the internal air flow keeping it to a minimum and so dramatically reduces frosting around the air intake. Static Pressure Control System simply upgrades older A-Tec models in line with the latest spiral freezer control technology. Rather than rely on the operator’s judgement, the Static Pressure Control System monitors atmospheric conditions automatically using a PLC algorithm and makes the necessary fine adjustments to the fan speed.  

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