Robustness, reliability, extended belt life

GEA Q-belt

Through unique robustness and interlocking design, GEA Q-belt ensures a more reliable stacking system. Our enhanced patented interlocking system ensures robust, more stable stacking and minimize friction between tiers of long belts. The GEA Q-belt is available in all standard widths and tier heights. It works with OEM drive systems, allows for partial section replacement, replaces entire belts with no modification to the system. The Q-Belt features will make your freezer run better, be more dependable, and last longer. GEA Freezing expertise and service network guarantee the best solution and minimum downtime for your belt replacement.

GEA Q-belt

Long years of experience in the manufacture and application of self-stacking conveyor belts, and the service network of GEA, guarantee you optimum belt replacement while minimizing your downtime.

Collapsing Belt Take-Up (CBTU)

Designed for Q-belt and any self-stacking belt that can collapse fully on both sides, our Collapsing Belt Take-Up can replace your outdated counterweight system for a more dependable operating system through tensionless belt run.
The CBTU minimizes unplanned maintenance and reduces belt wear. There are no pulleys or counterweights. Just a simple belt path that allows the Q-Belt to push itself much of the way along without unnecessary wear and stress. With up to twice as much belt storage, the CBTU will seldom require unplanned belt length adjustments.
“It has virtually eliminated the need to either adjust take up or cut out excessive belt”

Almost zero tension in belt going into the infeedBelt is more relaxed in stack and therefore more stable
Simple designLess wear parts and things to go wrong
No cable or weightsNo tricky adjustments or broken cables
Less rotation of rods in the links due to fewer rollersLess wear between the rods and links results in less belt growth and less downtime for adjustments
Much greater capacity to absorb belt take-upLess downtime to make belt length adjustments
Lower tension in belt as it goes around all rollersLess wear between links and rods
Easily and quickly installed in less than one dayNo downtime to install if done on a weekend
Flip up hockey stick sectionPrevents belt and rail damage in the unlikely event of a jam up. No torn cables in the event of a jam up
Simply sanitary designMore easily cleaned and less chance of contamination

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