Increased Plant Availability and Savings CIP-STAR™ System Cold Process Area

Neat solutions for your cleaning system

Today, modern breweries cannot be imagined without CIP systems. In view of rising costs, particularly for fresh and waste water, CIP systems have recently been in the focus of interest to identify possible saving potentials. However, for reasonable savings by means of equipment optimization certain criteria have to be met. When it comes to the cleaning of equipment, vessels and pipes in a brewery, the major criterion can only be perfect cleanliness.

Savings in the cold process area

The intelligent combination of energy efficient components and cleaning processes results in improved plant availability, which ultimately means a higher capacity.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Individually engineered for your needs
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning agents and water due to the use of high-performance components and innovative cleaning procedures (small water barrier between the different cleaning agents)
  • Minimized energy consumption
  • Easy handling and minimized service intervals for a long life

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