Cleaning Cleaning System DICIP-S™

Cleaning system DICIP-S™ for complex cleaning tasks

The cleaning system Type DICIP-S™ has been designed as a central unit for the automatic cleaning of production plants in the liquids sector. The preselected system parts will be cleaned continuously via a central cleaning unit. As far as possible the used cleaning agents and water are recycled and used again for the following cleaning run. According to the requirements 1 - 4 cleaning cycles can be provided for and thus 1 - 4 objects can be simultaneously cleaned independent of each other.


  • Economical use of water, caustic solution and energy by recycling the rinsing water, hot water and caustic solution and thereby reduction of waste water quantity and charge at the same time
  • Automatic increase in concentration of the caustic solution as well as automatic heating of caustic solution and water
  • Automatic control of the cleaning process
  • Variable programs, easy to change by the operator, protected via password.

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