Verdampertype Lean Compact Evaporator

Een nieuw, kostenefficiënt en compact ontwerp van meerfasige verdamping voor corrosiebestendige toepassingen.

Belangrijkste voordelen

Het systeem kan volledig op een skid gemonteerd worden, waardoor de totale kosten verlaagd worden. De levertijd is ook korter, omdat de installatie-unit gebruiksklaar is (plug-and-play).

 This technology is particularly aimed at the caustic soda market (low NaOH concentration i.e. 32%w/w→50%w/w, representing 80% of the caustic soda evaporation business).

Virtually any products can be concentrated in the Lean Compact Evaporator providing that plates in metals withstand corrosion and that there are no sanitary requirements.

Other market segments & applications

Chemical produced with fermentation, for example succinic acid, can benefit from this evaporator. Other applications such as the concentration of brines (Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride,…)

 The capacity and number of stages can be adjusted to meet the CAPEX/OPEX balance. When energy is cheap, for example, the customer may want to reduce the number of stages that will reduce the initial CAPEX but with a greater energy consumption.

On the other hand, when the price of energy is high, the number of stages can be increased or alternatively a single stage plate falling film evaporator heated with Mechanical Vapor Recompression may be chosen by the customer



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