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Central Mare: full speed ahead with new GEA marine Separator

12 May 2020

New, global legal requirements for marine protection and ever-increasing environmental awareness among the general public, along with the marine sector’s own desire to be more sustainable, means shipping companies are taking a close look at the fuels and lubricants they use on board.

GEA marine Separator

The GEA marine Separator, which does not require a traditional motor, gearbox, belt and coupling, is a groundbreaking innovation for the safe treatment of fuels and lube oils in their diverse applications. (Photo: GEA)

Today’s solutions must be spot-on technically, operate seamlessly, economical, as well as easy to handle and service. Increasing numbers of ship owners, such as the Greek shipping company Central Mare, are relying on GEA marine separation, which has been setting standards in centrifugal technology for more than 125 years. The GEA marine Separator, introduced in 2018 at the international Posidonia Exhibition in Greece, leverages long-standing GEA competences and tradition and is an innovative and modern solution that is also economical, takes up minimal space and is easy to operate.

Central Mare orders twelve GEA marine Separators

Central Mare is the first Greek company to select the GEA marine Separator for its fleet. Founded by Evangelos J. Pistiolis in 2000, today Central Mare manages 19 vessels which are on average 2 years of age. The fleet of fuel-efficient “ECO” tanker vessels are used to transport petroleum products (clean and dirty) and bulk liquid chemicals. Central Mare, which is incorporated in the Republic of The Marshall Islands, has been trading on the NASDAQ since July 2004.

To date, Central Mare has installed more than 70 GEA separators, via GEA’s long standing partner, PanMarine. Central Mare will now install an additional 12 GEA marine Separators with integrated direct drive onboard their newest tankers. Each tanker will have two GEA marine Separators for the pre-treatment of heavy and lube oil. As a result, Central Mare will have equipped nearly all its tankers with GEA marine Separators.

"Central Mare has a team of very far-sighted and innovative-thinking decision-makers and technicians," says Sven Mario Jadzinski, Head of Sales Global Marine Business. "The facts and figures we provided about the new GEA marine Separator were very convincing. A one hundred percent increase in maintenance intervals from 8,000 to 16,000 hours, a near ten percent reduction in energy consumption, a space-saving design with 360 degree accessibility, a short payback period of just under two years, a Certified Flow Rate (CFR) and smart connectivity made for very attractive," explains Jadzinski. “From a practical point of view, during maintenance, for example, the drive unit can be removed from the separator frame and replaced by loosening just four screws. And the integrated direct drive makes it possible to replace the drive within just 30 minutes – a valuable time saving that can be productively used elsewhere," says the GEA expert.

Adaptable to the latest fuel technologies

In line with the more efficient energy balance of the frequency-controlled, integrated drive unit, the new GEA marine Separator ensures that time, energy and effort are saved. The GEA marine Separator, which does not require a traditional motor, gearbox, belt and coupling, is a groundbreaking innovation for the safe treatment of fuels and lube oils in their diverse applications. Furthermore, catfines, fine-grained catalysts used in catalytic cracking during the distillation of crude oil in oil refineries, are efficiently reduced to a minimum.

"GEA marine Separator - next-generation separation"

"When it comes to saving energy and reducing carbon footprint, the GEA marine Separator with integrated direct drive represents the latest generation of separators. Meeting legal requirements and societal expectations with regard to the environment, as well as offering economic efficiency are convincing USPs and we expect more shipping companies and ship owners will follow Central Mare’s lead," explains Jadzinski.

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