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LoTo - Lock out Tag out

LoTo solutions for safe maintenance and commissioning

The Lock out, Tag out (LoTo) devices play a decisive role in ensuring the safety of employees in industrial operations. To protect the well-being of technicians, LoTo locks on hygienic and aseptic process valves that are activated to shut down potentially risky energy sources upstream. Our comprehensive LoTo solutions empower you and your plant personnel to prevent an unintended actuation of critical valves.

For maximum ease and reliability of planning and installation, LoTo solutions from GEA are now available for all valve types. Our portfolio includes maximum-safety DISK LOCK or BELLOWS LOCK solutions as well as time-saving AIR LOCK solutions.

Benefits at a glance

  • Protect your workforce
  • Save maintenance and commissioning processes
  • Protect your operation
  • Safe status of valves and flow paths

LoTo for VARIVENT® and D-tec® seat valves

The DISK LOCK for seat valves can be installed on all nominal sizes of GEA single-seat and mixproof valves (D-tec® and VARIVENT®). This advanced solution with its increased safety blocks the movement of the actuator, so that the valve disk can no longer be moved. If the valve is used with any feedback it needs to be taken off for locking the valve.

The AIR LOCK is independent of the nominal size and can be used for all hygienic and aseptic valves. With this solution, either the air connection on the actuator or control top is locked. Hence, pneumatic actuation is no longer possible. This solution is not designed to withstand water hammer.

LoTo for VESTA® seat valves

The Lock out, Tag out (LoTo) device is used to ensure a safe maintenance and commissioning of process plants. Energy sources will be locked and visually marked to prevent the unintentional movement of the valve.

By applying slight pressure to the hood of the valve, a positive connection to the handwheel can be established, so that this enables the valve to be closed and opened. A complete locking takes place in the closed state. There are two executions for the nominal sizes DN 40 to DN 100, which is tailored to the manually actuated VESTA® valves with stainless steel or plastic lantern. The valves can be locked in any position.

LoTo for hygienic butterfly valves

The Lock out, Tag out (LoTo) device is used to ensure a safe maintenance and commissioning of process plants. Energy sources will be locked and visually marked to prevent the unintentional movement of the valve.

The DISK LOCK is available for all nominal size of GEA hygienic butterfly valves and GEA hygienic leakage butterfly valves. By means of a pin fixture, the valve can be locked either in the open or in the closed position.

LoTo for Aseptomag® Double-chamber valves DK

As the latest addition to our range, Aseptomag® double-chamber valves can now be fitted with DISK LOCK extensions that provide the same maximum safety level as our proven DISK LOCK solutions on hygienic valves.

LoTo – voor veilige inbedrijfstelling en onderhoud


Veiligheid is een prioriteit: in het licht van de groeiende uitdagingen, is het voor bedrijven van doorslaggevend belang om productierisico’s tot een minimum beperken. GEA bevordert state-of-the-art veiligheidsconcepten met innovatieve...


GEA now also equips the aseptic double-seat valves of the Aseptomag range with lockout-tagout (LoTo) devices. The Group is thus expanding its range of safety devices for process plants with valve technology. LoTo devices are...


Hygiënische kleppen & componenten

Hygiënische kleppen van GEA vormen de kerncomponent van procesinstallaties met buizenmatrix. Dankzij een baanbrekend klepconcept dat de norm stelt vanwege zijn flexibiliteit, alsook de nieuwste stuur- en automatiseringsfuncties, bieden onze kleppen de maximale productveiligheid en betrouwbaarheid van processen. Alle hygiënische kleppen van GEA zijn ontworpen om hun bijzondere toepassingen efficiënt en kosteneffectief te vervullen, met een duurzame werking en aanzienlijke besparingsmogelijkheden als resultaat.
LoTo – for safe commissioning and maintenance


Protect your workforce and maintenance operations with GEA LoTo solutions. They are available for VESTA valves and various seat valves.

LoTo – voor veilige inbedrijfstelling en onderhoud


Veilig onderhoud en inbedrijfstelling

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