Valve and plant automation

IO-Link today, Industry 4.0 tomorrow

Take plant automation into the future! IO-Link is the first globally standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) to communicate with sensors and actuators.

Valve and plant automation - IO-Link Master

With a modern IO-Link system control, users can ensure digital integration in Industry 4.0 environments at an early stage. Demand for IO-Link device networks is constantly on the rise, and many operations already use IO-Link.

What is IO-Link?

The IO-Link communication system connects sensors & actuators on field devices to the central PLC. A network consists of the PLC, different field devices and one or more IO-Link masters.

The IO-Link master is the interface between the PLC level and the field level. IO-Link master and PLC can connect via the established fieldbus system.

Smooth digital system communication, consistently standardized

IO-Link communication between the PLC and the field level offers outstanding benefits for a safe and efficient process. The IO-Link network operates with a uniform state-of-the-art system language and data structure for the entire processing system.

In the same way, IO-Link is characterized by uniform identification data for devices (manufacturer, type, serial no, TAG no.) and real-time access to parameters (sensitivity, switch delay, value curves …) for automated diagnosis and monitoring.

IO-Link uses only one type of interface (the IO-Link master), only one type of cable (3-wire) and one type of plug (M12) if used for GEA valve control. Further characteristics are high digital signal quality with lowest error-rate and short cable connections – with master unit and devices together in the field.

The IO-Link control top GEA T.VIS® A-15

The special IO-Link Control Top from GEA is equipped with a dedicated circuit to integrate the valve’s sensors and actuators into the IO-Link network.

It offers further high-end features and options to the process planner, such as the LEFF® function for sustainable cleaning operation.

Special application scenarios for the T.VIS® A-15 include equipping mixproof valves with monitored seat lifting, for which three or, depending on extended market requirements, four feedback signals are available.

Automated, flexible process adjustment

IO-Link stands out for many advantages that can take processing operations forward into new realms of productivity.

One of these advantages is real-time analysis and adjustment of process functions, even during the process! Stroke performance can be monitored and diagnosed by means of time and path measurement. Operators in the control center or in the field can rewrite settings and device commands for rapid response action.

Optimize your process performance

IO-Link today, Industry 4.0 tomorrow - Optimize your process performance

IO-Link also supports maximum efficiency of all processing operations by using intelligent sensors and actuators to full effect. The state-of-the-art network ensures frictionless central control and monitoring of all valve operations and other activities.

Anticipate problems before they escalate

IO-Link today, Industry 4.0 tomorrow - Anticipate problems before they escalate

You can ensure safe processes and safe products at all times, thanks to ideal diagnosis and visualization options of IO-Link.

Monitoring the current position of the valve disc can be used as an indication of deteriorating sealing behavior to prevent risky operation at the safety limit.

Efficient plant management

Standardized cables, connections and interfaces with uniform functional characteristics make it easy for staff to handle implementation and maintenance tasks and to streamline spare parts storage.

Welcome Industry 4.0

Make innovative products. Process popular drinks. Streamline all operations. Join the future with IO-Link as your gateway:

  • Increase automation level without compromise
  • Analyze and improve plant efficiency using directly accessible performance data
  • Identify performance trends for active processes and components
  • Optimize maintenance intervals automatically for maximum plant availability
  • Change operational parameters for any field devices centrally and automatically for rapid adjustment of any process steps
  • Streamline resource and production schedules by way of data connection to ERP
IO-Link today, Industry 4.0 tomorrow
LEFF®: Slim heffen, duurzame reiniging.


LEFF® technology from GEA saves up to 90 percent on cleaning media

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