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Heat to cool - Using GEA heat pumps to cool our warming planet

Heat to Cool - Using heat pumps to cool our warming planet
Heat accounts for more than half of the global total final energy consumption, mostly produced from fossil fuels. If the ambitious targets set in the historic Paris Agreement are to be achieved, we need to accelerate heat decarbonization and create a better world for our future generations. In the drive for a carbon-neutral future, energy-efficient heat pumps are rapidly becoming the technology of choice. Using heat pumps to cool our warming planet makes a lot of sense.



Industrial heat recovery

Industrial Heat Recovery

District heating

District Heating

In industry and commerce, the requirements for heating and process heat are highly specific. Heat pumps can very often satisfy these needs. Thanks to their efficiency and short amortization period, they represent an environmentally friendly and economically attractive alternative to conventional heating systems. A heat pump raises heat from its surroundings – water, or waste process heat – from a lower temperature level to a higher.

Whatever application may interest your company for a heat pump, it will – when its overall life cycle is considered – amortize quickly by a reduction in energy consumption and emissions that affect the global climate. In addition, emphasis is placed on using natural refrigerants such as ammonia wherever possible.

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GEA Heat pumps - Products and applications

4 reasons to choose heat pump technology

1. It lowers your energy consumption

1. It lowers your energy consumption

Heat pump solutions, either combined with energy-efficient refrigeration systems, or stand alone can improve your heating performance significantly.

2. It decreases your operating costs

2. It decreases your operating costs

By replacing the fossil fuel based-heating system with a highly efficient heat pump, you will lower your operating costs.

3. It reduces your carbon footprint

3. It reduces your carbon footprint

By reducing or eliminating the use of fossil fuel, a heat pump can help you pave the way towards your zero-emission target.

4. It meets your sustainability goals

4. It meets your sustainability goals

A heat pump solution is a future-proof investment, especially in the face of ever-stricter guidelines on carbon emissions and environmental compatibility.

Decarbonization - the key driver behind the rise of heat pumps

La technologie des pompes à chaleur réduit le carbone produit par l’industrie

Des économies de coûts à la réduction des émissions, GEA pilote des projets innovants exploitant la technologie des pompes à chaleur. Découvrez des initiatives de chauffage traditionnel et urbain.

Customer cases

GEA NEXUS - Growing greener with Holistic Engineering Solutions

GEA NEXUS - Holistic Engineering Solutions

As an intensive energy user, the large-scale production industry needs to be at the very forefront of net-zero activities. The need is there. The intent is there. And together with GEA, you can take real action to get there. You can start growing greener with GEA NEXUS Holistic Engineering Solutions.
Ammoniac – Fournir la température idéale ouvre la voie au changement

Ammoniac – Fournir la température idéale ouvre la voie au changement

Les effets du changement climatique sont à l’origine d’une demande accrue de chauffage et de refroidissement. Et l’utilisation de certains fluides frigorigènes peut entraîner le relâchement de gaz à effet de serre ou d’autres polluants. Il est clairement temps de changer. Et si nous utilisions la nature pour sauver la nature avec un fluide frigorigène naturel ?

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GEA Insights.

GEA helps dairy cows avoid lameness with AI solution

GEA minimizes dairy cow lameness with AI solution

GEA CattleEye alerts dairy farmers when cows are lame, enabling them to address health issues quickly to ensures optimal cow health and milk yield.

Clothes recycled by GEA

Les solutions GEA permettent le recyclage fibre à fibre des textiles

Les solutions de recyclage chimique de GEA permettent de recycler des textiles en fibres mélangées à du PET pour en fabriquer de nouveaux vêtements durables.

Workers working at Hovione

Advancing continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

GEA and partners innovate flexible continuous processing technologies, transforming pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for a modernized future.

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