The compact solution for heating temperatures up to 70 °C

GEA RedGenium

The compact solution for heating temperatures up to 70 °C

GEA RedGenium is a compact heat pump for small to medium heat loads. Flexibly selected modules, depending on the output size, combine to form a space-saving and efficient system concept. Perfect for temperatures up to 70 °C, they are ideally suited to a wide range of heat pump applications. The heart of the GEA RedGenium series is the extremely reliable and efficient GEA Grasso V HP reciprocating compressor. Specially developed for the smaller capacity range offering heat transfer temperatures up to 70 °C.

Highlights & Technical Features:

  • Compact footprint for small to medium heat loads
  • One-piece design for easy installation
  • User-friendly touch panel with GEA Omni control
  • Natural refrigerant ammonia (R717)
  • Maximum design pressure up to 39 bar(a)
  • Reciprocating compressor with GEA Grasso V
  • Continuous capacity adjustment by VSD
  • Heating capacity fro, 500 to 1,100 kW
  • Hot water supply up to 70°C

Learn more with GEA RTSelect – our product selection and configuration tool.

GEA RedGenium 

carrier (°C)
capacity (kW)
model inlet/outlet at 1,500 rpm line
GEA RedGenium 500 +50/+70 553 5.4
GEA RedGenium 800 +50/70 829 5.5
GEA RedGenium 1100 +50/+70 1,105 5.5

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