Every Granulation and Drying plant from GEA is a unique union of proven technology and individual solutions. Whether the granulation line is for batch or continuous production, we supply plants for cGMP production configured to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Our granulation and drying plants and process expertise is based on experience and R&D. With plants installed around the world and literally thousands of tests performed, we have established a solid base of expertise related to the needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries.

Granulation Experts

In the pharmaceutical industry, tablets remain the most commonly produced oral dosage form; as such, granulation, which allows primary powder particles to adhere and form granules, is one of the most important unit operations in drug manufacturing.

Techniques, Technologies, Experience and Solutions

A number of different granulation and compression technologies are available to pharmaceutical manufacturers, all of which have individual strengths and weaknesses depending on the specific application; however, the theory of granulation is often poorly understood and the selection of a particular machine and granulation method is frequently done on the basis of tradition and the operator’s own experience, rather than by using strict scientific or cost-benefit criteria. 

The basic techniques have changed dramatically in recent years and granulation for controlled release, extrusion, spheronization, fluidization techniques, spray drying, melt extrusion, oral dispersion technology and roller compaction are all new technologies that are increasingly being used in modern pharmaceutical production and offer many advantages compared with previously available processes.

In essence, a granulator is a multipurpose processor that’s equally suitable for the high-speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, effervescent products, wet and melt pelletization. At GEA, we supply a complete range of granulation process equipment. With the company’s history of expertise in the market, our reliable legacy of supply, support and manufacturing excellence, you can rest assured that every pharmaceutical plant and system from GEA is a unique union of proven technology and individual solutions. 

Offering a wide selection of equipment, modules and systems, our experts are available to provide objective, unbiased advice on the merits and implications of each process and deliver the best solution for your specific granulation application.

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